Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You Win Some You Lose Some

We lost the bougainvillea. It started out beautiful. We made sure to pick the very best one in the bunch. Covered in beautiful pink blooms. About a week later it looked like this. No pink in sight. Complete Fail. I am gonna go ahead and blame this one on the squirrels. Stinkin (flower) bed intruders. Hide'cha plants...Hide'cha shrubs. But really, there are squirrel tracks all around this and they are also attacking my forget-me-not seeds that are just starting to sprout. And we also realized we need a bigger/taller/fuller plant for this bed. I zoomed in so you couldn't tell how embarrassingly small this plant is compared to the size of the bed. We will do better next time!

Even though the front yard is a bit shabby, we are making progress in the back. I am so impatient and I practically check the citrus tree every day to see when I can stop buying overpriced cuties at the store.

See, those have gotta be oranges, right? Or tangerines or clementines or whatever it is that we planted. I hope so because there are quite a number of them on the tree already.

In other household projects, we decided to paint some closet doors this weekend. Here are the before and after pics. First, here is our bedroom, from it's "good" side.

Now the "needs improvement" side.

The painting.

The after. You can't really tell in the picture, but when we put the doors back we realized the trim was definitely NOT white. Shoot.

I guess we know what the next project is! We got 3 sets of closet doors painted but we still have all of the other interior doors to paint. But I'm in no rush to get this done, so the other doors may just stay as is for a while.