Thursday, July 31, 2014

Stitch Fix Round 2

Well I just got my second Stitch Fix in the mail yesterday. When I opened it up I instantly loved 4 out of the 5 items. I thought they did a great job of picking things out that I would really like. Well, except the 5th item. Something went wrong. Terribly wrong. You'll see below. (If you don't know what Stitch Fix is you can read my first post where I explained it here)

I like this dress and it fit well. It is navy and white, although it almost looks black in the picture. It is pricey, so I probably won't keep it...but still deciding.

I love the color, the print, and the length of this shirt (tunic). The only thing is the belt. I don't really think belts over top of shirts are flattering on me. I have tried them in the past, but I just wasn't crazy about this one. I can't decide if I should keep it and wear it without the belt. You can't tell from the pic since the belt is holding it in, but it is very flowy with no belt. I really wish it was just a little more fitted because I love the pattern.

This is a Daniel Rainn shirt. I only know that brand because I have another shirt that brand and it is one of my favorites. It came from Nordstrom Rack. I have seen a lot of that brand there and tend to like the style. I really like this shirt but it is a bit too big. The arm holes go really low so I would have to wear a tank under it because it shows my bra. I may ask them if they have this in a smaller size so I can do an exchange. This shirt is black and it is hard to tell but there are some really pretty details.

I like these skinny jeans. They actually fit well. Although I suspect they may "grow". You know how you try on jeans in the store and are like wow these are awesome and then you wear them and a couple days later they have stretched out 3 sizes and you are like WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED, I HAVE BEEN TRICKED AND I JUST SPENT A TON OF MONEY. You know? I fear that may happen with these pants. I think I am going to tell stitch fix no pants from now on. They have picked out cute pants for me both times, but it is just near impossible to find the perfect fitting pant.

I am not sure what to say about this dress. It was hideous on me. You can't quite tell with the sash around it how HUGE it is, so I took a picture without it. The sleeves are so long and loose and the dress is just a house. It is a size small so apparently this is the look they were going for. It is not a tunic, it is a dress. I do love chambray and would like to have a top or tunic, but one with about 50% less material. But to give the stitch fix people credit, it would be very hard to pick out clothes for another person so overall they did good.

I thought this box was better than the first. I think I may just try to see if they have a different size in the black shirt and send back the rest. So even though not much has worked out either time, somehow I still want to do it again. I guess I keep hoping that each time with a little more feedback I will get better stuff. I really do need a few new clothes and I just don't have much free time to shop. I had a referral credit on this one so even if I send it all back I am not out any money. If anyone does want to sign up - you can do it here.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Girl and Her Babies

I love how much Cambry loves her baby dolls. She has a lot - probably 6 or so. And she plays with most of them. I will often find the doors closed to both her and Lainey's rooms and find a baby doll in the swing or doll bed "asleep". If she sees me going back there to put something away she will tell me "Shhhh! My baby is sleeping!". We will be playing in the play room and she will say, "My baby is crying!" and run off to the back to tend to her baby. A couple of her babies are named Holly, one is named Savannah, and I not sure what the others are named. She constantly totes them around, pushes them in the stroller, holds them, etc. When she gets to watch a tv show she sets them up on the couch and puts their sippy cups in front of them (which she gets out of the kitchen cabinets). She is constantly putting Lainey's diapers on her babies too. Recently she has started telling me "bye, I am going to Mom's group." And then will pack up all her stuff and push her babies in the stroller to the other room. She is just so funny.

She seriously talks non stop. This is unrelated to babies but - she talks so much, especially in the car. I just bought the CD that our church choir and orchestra put out and I can hardly listen to it because she is talking the whole time. But I love that sweet little voice so I will give up trying to listen to a song because this time with her is precious. She is so observant when we drive. Constantly asking about the cars around us and who is in them. Who is in that car? Is that a daddy? Where are they going? What's that car called? She is also very interested in street names. She often asks me what are our friends' street names (as in, the name of the street they live on). She knows our street, she knows the road we take before we get to our street, and she knows I-10. This girl is so funny and inquisitive.

Ok I don't really know where I am going with this post but just I want to remember little things like this because they are so cute and the stages change so quickly. She will soon be on to something else and I will completely forget about the little details.

Oh but one more thing. Let's tie it back to babies again. Cambry first started taking an interest in babies around 10 months old to this one baby doll from Nana that we names Robin. She started sleeping with it, and continued to for a long time. If we ever needed to get her to smile for a picture as a baby, we would just wave Robin around. Well at some point she completely lost interest in Robin. In fact, she never plays with her and does not seem to like her much. I think maybe because she is smaller and not as "real" looking as her other babies. She is a good size for a first baby. Cambry will allow Lainey to play with Robin (but not her other babies! We are working on sharing...). Lainey smiles at Robin when I pretend the doll is talking to her, just like Cambry did at first! It is so cute. Maybe Lainey will start to like Robin just as much as she gets older. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Lainey 9 Months

Size: You weigh 17 lbs. 4 oz. (35%), you are 27 in. tall (27%), and head is 42.5 cm. (16%). But you have been 27 in. tall since you were 7 months old. Hmm, I wonder if they measured you correctly at past appointments?

Likes: Cambry is still your favorite to watch. You like to grab hair and earrings. Well anything really. You like to do v-ups, as we call them. It is this abdominal exercise you do where you lift your legs off the ground while lifting the upper part of your body and arms. I think you are wanting to go from laying to sitting but you aren't sure how so you just hold this crunch position. At this rate you will have a 6 pack soon. You like baths and your legs will kick non stop. You like the ipad but I think you just want to eat it more than watch it. 

Dislikes: You still don't like tummy time or getting dressed. You are also VERY dramatic when you get hungry. You can cry LOUD. 

Working on: You can now roll over from tummy to back. Your sitting has improved. If you are being still and focused on a toy you can sit for a couple minutes, but you still sometimes topple over quickly if you try to move around a lot.

Sleeping: I must say, you are the easiest baby to put to sleep...most of the time. I'm sure this won't always be the case, but you are usually so good about going down for nap or bed. We put you in your sleep sack, give you your paci, and most of the time you just go right to sleep. So thankful for this! You take 2-3 naps a day. If your naps are both long you will probably just take 2, but if they get cut short you will take a 3rd cat nap. You go to bed between 7:30 and 8:00. You usually wake up for a bottle around 5am and then go back to sleep until about 7am. You wake up usually once needing a paci, but there have been a couple times lately where you have not woken up at all until your early morning feeding. 
Update: I drafted this a few days ago but for the past several days you have not needed an early morning feeding. One night you slept completely through the night until around 7 or so, and a couple of nights you have woken up around 4, I gave you the paci, then went back to sleep until your normal wake up time. Maybe this means we are done with night feedings :)

Eating: You take a bottle about every 3 hours and eat a little baby food once or twice a day. You like most fruits and vegetable purees. One of your bottom teeth has popped through and I think I can see the other just below the surface. You still have reflux issues, but after seeing a couple of doctors this past week we have increased your dosage of medicine. I am hoping it starts to help you feel better.

We love you tons Lainey bear! I love your chubby little cheeks, your chin dimple, your long lashes, and your crazy kicking legs. Happy 9 months sweet girl!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Day in the Life

It has been a while since I have done a day in the life post, so here is my day on Friday, July 18th. Times are estimated because I have already forgotten how everything went down.

I try to wake up to pray, read, and drink coffee before the kids wake up. It doesn't always happen, but it is my goal. I woke up a little later today but luckily the kids slept in a little later so I still had some peaceful time to myself. Greg gets up crazy early so he is already gone. He usually does the 5ish AM feeding for Lainey since he is up at that time.

Lainey is up and dressed and Cambry gets up shortly after that. Mornings are my most favorite time of the day. Which is strange, because I do not consider myself a morning person. I love sleep. But once you become a mom, you kind of have to give up that dream of sleeping in for the next 18+ years. And somehow, I am ok with that. I am thankful that I get to stay home with my girls and we have a relaxed schedule where we can hang out in the morning and just chill. I usually make oatmeal or eggs and bacon for breakfast. However, this morning I am taking my workout class so we don't have time to do a sit down breakfast. I make banana peanut butter smoothies for Cambry and I to drink on the go. (I recently posted the recipe on HMB here.) 

Bags are packed and we are headed out the door to church where I work out. I drop them off at child care there and my class starts at 9:15. It is a lift/circuit class and it is a good way. I am already sore from Wednesday's class and this makes me even more sore. 

We are back home. Lainey falls asleep on the way home since she did not sleep in child care. I clean up the kitchen while Camrby plays then I start on lunches. I am having leftover Thai Chicken Salad, a new recipe I tried this week. I thought it was good. Although I wasn't crazy about the papaya, which I was confused about. It called for green papaya. Is that just describing the ripeness or is that a specific kind - like a green apple? I don't know about papayas and have never bought one. I only saw one type of papaya at the store so I bought a greenish one. It was pretty soft though - tasted almost too ripe. Oh well, the salad was still good. Cambry had leftover mac-n-cheese and strawberries.

Lainey is up from her nap, which didn't end up lasting too long, and Cambry just went down for hers. So Lainey and I play in the playroom and work on some physical therapy.

Not sure what time exactly it was but Lainey went down for another nap and Cambry was still asleep for hers. I quickly jumped in the shower. I usually shower at night after the girls go to bed but I decided to take it during the afternoon today.

Again, can't remember times but at some point the girls woke up. Time to pack the diaper bag and get ready to go to Lainey's GI appointment, which is at 4:30 in the Med Center. Traffic should be fun!! Cambry colors at the table and Lainey plays in the high chair while I pack as if we are going on a 2 day trip. Snacks and water for Cambry and me, bottles for Lainey, diapers for both, activities for Cambry, and the ipad so she can watch a show on the way home in case we are stuck in hours of traffic. Gotta be prepared!

Who can possibly estimate how long it will take to get to the med center in Friday afternoon traffic? I leave an hour early just in case. Getting to and parking at med center gives me anxiety.

Whoop - we made it on time! Forget the Children's Museum, I should just bring Cambry to Texas Children's Hospital for fun. Yeah, that is the waiting room, slide included.

I am home from the appointment, whew. Traffic was only mildly horrible. But Daddy is home now so YAY! I repack the diaper bag so we can all go out to eat. We go to a new (to us) mexican restaurant. It was good and cheap. Cambry was thrilled for me to take her picture.

We get to our favorite fro-yo place. Yes we are addicted. BUT, because of our obsession and our reward points on my app, we earned a free yogurt. Which turned out to get all three of our yogurts for free since we didn't get much each and the weight/price was less than $5 or something like that. I am not really sure what happened but basically we didn't pay anything for the 3 of us. Awesome. This only makes our addiction stronger.

Get home and get the girls to bed. Then I head out to pick up a prescription for Lainey. Get home after 9 and finally can relax, hang out, and go to bed. It was a good day :) Oh and I should add that since it was closer to 9 by the time the girls were actually in bed, they both slept in until 8:30 today!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Another Random List

I don't really have anything interesting or exciting to write about, but I feel the need to blog since I haven't been updating it much lately. I have only been posting about 5 times a month for the past several months. I love looking back on this blog so I really want to post more often. I was just looking back at some of my posts from when I was 40 weeks pregnant and waiting for Lainey to be born. What a special and exciting time!

Well nothing too new is going on so I will just do what I usually do when I have no direction for my post: make a random list.

- I took Cambry to the splash pad the other day, but she was not that interested. I was hoping I could just sit in the shade holding Lainey and watch her play, but instead she wanted to play on the playground. That requires me holding Lainey on one hip while hoisting Cambry with the other arm on and off of swings / seesaws / springy things / etc. But I still enjoyed hanging out with my girls. I ended up taking them back a couple days later. Then the following day I decided I couldn't handle the heat anymore so we went to the indoor galleria play land. And we ended up seeing a friend there. Win!

- I tried this recipe for zucchini lasagna last week. I thought it was delicious but it took quite a long time to make. And it required cleaning up way too many pots, grill pans, bowls, spatulas, mincers, knives, cutting boards, spoons, baking pans, etc. Not cool. Not cool at all. But Cambry did eat it. She wanted seconds in fact. And then at the end she started to detect the zucchini which I had tried to cut up real small. She told me she did not like those "green things".

- Lainey has learned to blow bubbles and make that silly sound with her tongue. She is very proud of this feat and does it quite a lot. She has also learned how to roll from tummy to back - yay Lainey! And she has one or possibly two bottom teeth that have popped through. It is hard to tell. She doesn't exactly love for me to inspect her gums.

- I think Cambry is nearing the stage of embarrassing questions/statements out in public. She has said some funny things lately that made me a little nervous about what may come in the future. At therapy a lady walks in and Cambry says loudly "What kind of pants is that mommy wearing?". Then when Cambry, Lainey, and I were all in the bathroom stall there she says "Are those your undies, Mom? What kind of undies are those?" I do love how curious and honest kids are.

- Lainey still hates tummy time but will tolerate it in small increments if I let her watch the ipad. So that is what we do. All in the name of therapy.

- We are officially addicted to the fro-yo place by our house. We have limited ourselves to once a week. Impressive self control, I know. It is so close and makes the perfect little evening family outing.

- We played Setters of Catan with friends this weekend. I think we played until 11:30. Whoa. We almost made it to MIDNIGHT. It felt like New Years Eve. We are so wild and crazy. It had been way too long since we have played games and I forgot how much I love them.

Monday, July 7, 2014

New Eyes

Lainey had her eye surgery at the end of June and it went really well. We are so thankful for God's protection over her. It is scary to know your baby is being put to sleep and operated on, but everything was ok and we are so grateful. The surgery was about an hour long, but with the early arrival, the time with the anesthesia team, and the recovery area, the whole process took a while. The hospital staff was great about keeping us informed every step of the way. It reminds me once again how thankful I am for all the people in the medical field and all the time and effort they put in to training in learning all their skills. Her doctor performs these surgeries all the time and that is just amazing to me that she can do that. Then she called several times over the weekend from her cell phone to check on Lainey. We are thankful for such a kind and skilled doctor.

Lainey was of course fussy when she woke up from the anesthesia, and for the remainder of that day. She was hoarse from her breathing tube and her eyes were very sensitive to light. She had little bruises from the IV. Both of her eyes were red on the inner white part. But by Saturday she was not fussy at all and was doing much better. Well except for having to get all of her eye drops each day and take her medicine. Lainey HATES taking medicine. 

Her eyes are still a tiny bit red but they look great. We had her follow up appointment today and they said her eyes are looking good and healing nicely. We won't know if her brain is using them together or independently until she is old enough to tell us, but we hope and pray she learns to use them together. 

We are thankful that this surgery is over and our baby is doing well!