Thursday, April 14, 2011


Greg is my spider hero. He will kill any spider that crosses my path. He has been BUSY recently.

My spider issues started months ago. Since then, spiders have continually attacked my car. On and IN my car. We have a single lane driveway and a carport. When we have a car parked under the carport at night spiders form webs that stretch from the poles of the carport to our cars. We feel like we are walking through spider webs in the morning getting to our cars. Then I started noticing spiders on my car – on the driver side door, on the hood, on the windshield. This did not happen once or twice. This happened OFTEN. FAR TOO OFTEN. Then I had a couple instances where spiders were IN my car. Having a panic attack on 610 because you are trapped in your car with a spider above your head results in frantic 7:00AM phone call to husband. As if he could really do anything at that point, right?

Spider sightings started to get out of control. After several spiders in one week, I decided to stop parking in the driveway. That seemed to be the source of the spiders. Now I park on the street every night. I am that annoying neighbor who refuses to use the driveway. Greg cleaned and detailed my car. He checked every nook and cranny for any signs of spiders. He found FOUR webs in my car. (No, I do not ever leave my windows down, I don’t know how this happened.) He also cleaned the carport and sprayed insecticide around it. I was so thankful for all his hard work. Then there was a temporary decrease in spider activity. I would still closely inspect the door/handle/windshield every day before getting in my car. Sometimes Greg would walk out to my car with me. So sweet.

Well, the spiders have found their way back to my car. Mostly just little ones. Earlier this week I noticed a small web and tiny green spider on my driver’s side window. Then this morning there was a LARGE black/brown spider doing sprints across my driver’s side door. Then he hid in the mirror. It was 6:35AM. I called Greg from the street. “LARGE BLACK SPIDER ON DOOR” (click). Out comes Spiderman. In his work clothes and all, armed with flashlight and spider spray, he sprays away. Then flushes it out with the water hose. What would I do without him?

Sometimes spiders make me start quoting David-goes-to-the-dentist. “Why is this happening to me?” “Is this real life?” “aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH”

I know everyone is terribly interested in my spider issues. What could be more fun than hearing how I am such a big baby about spiders? Blog material doesn’t get much better than this. Stay tuned for future updates on the spider saga.

And also, a big public THANK YOU to Greg, who has had to continually put up with me and the spiders. You are the best, Greg!