Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baby Wearing

I love baby wearing. I have 2 different Baby Bjorns that I bought used. I just bought the second one recently because it has better back support than the original design. I also have a Maya wrap that I use on occasion which allows me to wear Cambry on my hip.

Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling in Olive

I love my sister's Ergo carrier and would love one of those for a future baby.

I would also love to try out the Moby wrap on a future baby. I see so many people using those for their newborns and they look so nice and cozy for a baby.

I know soon Cambry will get too heavy to wear but I sure am enjoying it now.

We had fun going on a walk on the beach wearing the babies.

We thought we could do a quick walk before the storm came in, but we were wrong. We had gone down the beach a ways and had just started to turn back when the rain came. Hard.

We all started running for the house. Greg was wearing Cambry at that point. We couldn't really run fast with babies. It was kind of like the Napoleon Dynamite run where you keep your upper body and arms in place and just run with your legs. I'm sure we all looked awesome. The babies didn't even seem to mind. Kyler was on Cody's back and he was having the time of his life. He was laughing the whole way home bouncing all around in the rain.

Here are the boys wearing their babies in Galveston.

I love this picture! I think it totally looks like Greg is modeling for a Baby Bjorn ad. Love those two!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Best Nap Ever

Cambry had the best nap of her life on the beach during our vacation.

The first day on the beach we put her in her cute little swim suit and lathered her up with sunblock. We put her feet in the water and sand and walked around with her on the beach.

But then, after a while, the warm sun, the sound of the crashing waves, and strong breeze put her to sleep in Greg's arms. It was so precious. She slept for a long time in Daddy's arms.

The next day the same thing happened with me. She didn't need to be rocked or anything. She just laid her head on me and fell asleep. It was the sweetest thing. 

Since she slept so well the day before we decided to try and lay her down. My mom had brought a baby pool so we padded it with towels and put her in there. Almost 3 and 1/2 hours later we woke her up because we were ready to go in and it was getting close to her bed time! We couldn't believe it!

Well she ended up taking a nap on the beach just about every day. She loved it! We even ended up changing her sound machine to the waves option since it put her to sleep so easily!

Monday, June 25, 2012

6 Month Check Up

Cambry had her 6 month check-up today. Here are her stats.

Weight: 18 lbs. 13 oz. (86%)
Height: 28 in. (100%)
Head: 17.25 in. (85%)

She is dropping in percentage for weight a little bit. Hopefully she doesn't drop too much - I love love love her chunkiness. Especially her chunky baby thighs. Can't get enough. 

She cried when she got her shots but stopped as soon as I picked her up. She is a tough little girl. I gave her Tylenol when we got home just to ease any soreness. Now she has been sleeping for about an hour.

Oh, and we have been continuing to try with solids. Tried rice cereal.

Well that went well!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Grosse Family Vacation 2012: Surfside

This year we enjoyed a wonderful family beach vacation. My parents are fabulous vacation planners. We have had the privilege of going on a family vacation every year for the past 4 years or so. It has been so fun!

This year they rented a beach house for a week in Surfside (about an hour West of Galveston). It was laid back and fun and so nice to just relax and enjoy family and the beach.

It felt like we had so many people there, which I loved! My sister Lauren, brother-in-law Cody, and nephews Kyler and Hayes were there. My sister Ashley, brother-in-law Andrew, and niece Chloe were there too. My days Dads cousin, Carolyn, and Ben came one day as well. Another day my mom's good friend Jackie came. I love a full house!

We took sooo many pictures! There are so many good ones it is hard to narrow down.

One of the days at the beach was officially declared Party Day. We had lots to celebrate - Ashley, Cody and Greg all have birthdays within a few days of each other, Chloe just graduated high school, and it was Fathers Day.

My mom planned a really fun party complete with balloons, lanterns, tiaras, crowns, leis, lunch, cake, and Minute to Win it games, with prizes of course!

We went to the beach at least once a day throughout the week and enjoyed the waves, the kayaks, and the sand. Kyler loved digging around in the sand and running through the water. The babies mostly slept (more on that later).

One afternoon we drove in to Galveston and ate at Olympia Grill then walked around the strand for a bit. It brought back so many memories! Growing up my parents owned a house on Crystal Beach and we would often go to Galveston. We would buy swimsuits, get henna tattoos, eat ice cream, and buy candy. So much fun!

In the evenings once all the babies were down we would stay up late playing games - Wits and Wagers (which I am so horrible at), Loaded Questions (one of my favorites), Catch Phrase, Settlers of Catan, and Rummikub. I could stay up all night playing games!

It is always sad when a vacation ends, but after a whole week away, it is nice to get back home and sleep in your own bed again. I am so thankful for my parents planning such a fun vacation!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

First Taste of Food

Cambry had her first taste of food on her half birthday. 

We started out with mashed bananas.

Let's just say she wasn't exactly loving it. 

More like total disgust.

We tried it for 3 days in a row.

There was no improvement. Just more gagging.

So then we tried some delicious avocados.

Because, who doesn't like avocados?

Apparently Cambry.

It was pretty hilarious and we got to see lots of new expressions.

Since then we have also tried applesauce. She has the same reaction. In fact, now when we even bring a spoon up to her mouth with nothing on it she makes the "banana" face.

I think next we will just do a rice cereal. Hopefully we will find something she likes.

It is so fun introducing her to new things and seeing her reactions. I love all her faces and seeing her cute personality emerge!