Monday, August 10, 2015

Grosse Family Vacation 2015 - South Padre

This year for the Grosse family vacation my parents rented a beach house on South Padre Island. It was my first time there and it was so much nicer than Galveston! It was about a 6 hour drive there (more with stops) but it wasn't too bad. We had a blast hanging out at the beach all week and the girls really loved it. They loved spending lots of time with cousins and family too.

Every morning after breakfast we would slowly start getting ready to go to the beach. It took HOURS to get everyone in their swim suits, lathered with sunscreen from head to toe, all the gear packed, lots of snacks and water, and then finally haul all of our stuff to the beach. We would spend a few hours playing in the sand and the water and then head back to the house for lunch and a nap for Lainey.

It was great that the house had a pool in the back so we could use that in the afternoons. The kids couldn't get enough of the water. They wore themselves out each day playing hard.

We took turns cooking in the evenings and after the kids went to bed we either watched tv or just chatted. One night we had a very competitive and hilarious game of pictionary.

It was really fun that Lauren and I had matching baby bumps. People already tell us we look so much alike so it is funny that we are both pregnant at the same time (again).

Lainey got great practice walking all week on the uneven sand. She seemed to have better balance and stability after the trip!

One day Ashley treated the kids to play on these huge foam mats. It was really neat looking. You could get up and run or jump or whatever you want on them. Cambry was pretty scared of them but she did get on for a few minutes.

Thanks Gigi and Pa for another awesome vacation! We had a blast!

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