Monday, November 23, 2015

Lainey is Two!

This post is very overdue, but that's just how it goes sometimes. Our Lainey Reese is 2! It was kinda sad not seeing our girl on her birthday (since I was busy pushing out a 9 pound baby). But I know she was having a blast in Waco with her family. When she came home we went to Sweet Frog to celebrate and she got to open some birthday gifts. The girl loves her (dairy free) fro-yo. Here are some things about Lainey at this age.

Lainey loves baby dolls. She is a lot like Cambry in this area. She likes to push them in her little stroller, feed them, and hold them.

She loves making messes. The girl is non stop. She basically just goes around all day taking things out of their place.

She loves baths. As soon as you turn on the water she is trying to climb in even before taking off her clothes. She also loves to wash her hands in the sink.

Speaking of clothes, she likes to try and put things on herself (although not always correctly). She will also bring us dress up clothes and want us to put them on her.

Lainey loves to eat. She eats a ton of food but yet somehow stays so tiny. Many nights she eats more dinner than Cambry. Her favorites are banana, scrambled eggs, avocado, and hot dogs. There isn't too much that she doesn't like. She will even eat vegetables. Whoa.

She has gotten better about imitating. She will make a similar face, or wave, hold up her finger and say sshhhhh, or go in for a kiss which is the sweetest.

She does a few signs such as more, all done, and eat. She also loves to do some of the hand motions to Itsy Bitsy Spider.

This wild girl loves wrestling. She gets completely silly when you try to get her and tackle her. She thinks it's hilarious and will play until she is worn out.

She is a good sleeper. Lainey and Cambry share a room and go to bed between 7:30-8:00pm. Lainey wakes up between 7:00-8:00am. She naps at 1pm for 1-2 hours.

Of course she also loves TV and is always trying to get the remotes and hand them to us so we will turn on a show.

We love our sweet brown eyed girl with the wild hair, long lashes, adorable smile, and cutest chin dimple. She is affectionate, inquisitive, persistent, silly, and loving. Happy Birthday sweet girl.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Colton 1 Month

Size: At his 2 week check up he weighed 9 lbs. 0 oz. (68%, back to his birth weight), and 22.25 in (99%), He is mostly out of newborn clothes and wears 0-3 months and size 1 diaper.

Sleep: He sleeps a lot throughout the day. His longest stretches of wake time are usually in the morning and after dinner time. He sleeps great in the car or stroller or bjorn. Nights are unpredictable. He goes down for the night around 9 or later. Then he goes anywhere from a 2 hr stretch to a 6 hour stretch between feedings. Most nights he usually eats twice - maybe 1 and 4 am or something similar. He is pretty good about going back to sleep but sometimes drops his paci several times or starts up with the loud grunting. He hardly cries at night so I am thankful for that!

Eat: He eats every 2-4 hours during the day. We have tried giving him a bottle several times and he has taken it just fine. YAY!!! Not that we will bottle feed him often, but it does allow me to be away from him for several hours or for Greg and I to go on a date, etc.

Likes/Dislikes: Colton loves being in the bjorn, being held, baths, and seems to enjoy laying on his play mat (for short periods of time). He dislikes when a certain sister tries sitting on him or pats/bangs on his head.

Skills: We try to give him a few minutes of tummy time each day but he doesn't exactly love it. Other than that his best skill is looking cute.

I am loving having a little boy and loving little boy clothes. This guy melts my heart.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Coffee Required

Every night is different with this guy. He is an evening owl. From about dinner time until about 9 or even 10 he is usually awake. Then I never know when he will wake up next to eat.

There was one night this week when I went to bed around 10 and Colton didn't wake up until 4 am. Best night ever.

Last night I went to bed at 10.

He woke up at 10:20.


Then he woke up at 12:30. Then 3. Then 5.

Super Rude.

So that is why there is the daily afternoon coffee hour. And that makes everything better.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Baby Snuggles, Diapers, Danger, and Other Things

Baby Snuggles

They are the best. My favorite is when he sleeps with his head on my chest. I think it is his favorite too. Newborns are so precious. I wish I could hold this little one all day long.


We are going through diapers like no body's business. Thanks to Facebook I heard of a great diaper deal at Target so we had a mother load of diapers arrive at our door. Our neighbor even called to say umm you have some large boxes sitting by your front door. So large boxes got turned into a house, well actually a post office. Cambry would make me come to the window and pick up all my deliveries.


It is a constant effort to keep the house clean. And by clean I just mean semi-picked-up. I can't do real cleaning right now. So I just follow Lainey around picking up things all day. Does anyone remember this scene from Home Alone? 

Sometimes I feel like I am being booby trapped.

Grocery Shopping

I went to Kroger last week for the first time with all three kids. They all did wonderfully. Luckily I found a car cart and Colton slept in the Bjorn the whole time like this. Everything went so smoothly I am a little worried it can only get worse from here, ha!

Packed Car

Preschool drop off and pick up requires a lot of unloading and loading time. Thankfully Cambry's school is very close to our house, but I have to go inside and sign her into her classroom. This means clicking Colton's car seat into the stroller, tightly holding Lainey's hand and making sure she doesn't go into a random classroom, and trying to convince Cambry to carry her own lunch box because I have my hands full. Anyway, the other day all 3 kids were asleep by the time we got home. Colton had been asleep the whole time but Cambry and Lainey had fallen asleep on the 2 minute drive home. Literally 2 minutes. But they all transferred inside and continued their naps so I took one too! Not sure if it will happen again for the 4 of us to nap at the same time so I had to document it.

Poor Lainey has sick for a while now with a bad cold so she has been extra fussy. But overall things have been going really well and we are enjoying our 3 little ones!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween 2015

I did not think this cute little guy would be with us for Halloween this year but I am so thankful he was! Colton and I spent a lot of time together on Halloween. Greg was great and took the girls all around on Saturday. 

In the morning Greg took them to a friend's birthday party. They looked so cute in their Halloween outfits. I can't believe the still fit in the same ones they wore last year. 

We watched some football and hung out around the house. He took the girls grocery shopping then came back and they got in their Halloween costumes. Cambry was Anna and Lainey was Minnie Mouse. They went to the fall festival at our church while Colton and I hung and enjoyed some peace and quiet. When they came back we tried to trick-or-treat at a few neighbors houses but many of them had turned off their lights. We didn't have many trick-or-treaters at our house so we have tons of candy left and I can't stop eating it.

Baby brother wore his cupcake hat for Halloween. Mmm I could gobble him up! Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Birth Story : Colton Brooks

Monday, October 19th

I was 38 weeks 3 days pregnant when I went in to have an ultrasound with Maternal Fetal Medicine to check up on some fluid they saw on Colton's kidneys from my 37 week ultrasound. My OB had said she wasn't concerned, but just wanted me to get a second opinion to be thorough and we would just need to follow up with the pediatrician after he was born. I was looking forward to seeing him again on an ultrasound and only slightly anxious about the kidney issue. I never once considered they might want me to have him early. I still had it in my mind that he would come some time after my Oct 30th due date like the girls.

The ultrasound tech was super friendly and talked to me the whole time. She measured every part of him and was extremely thorough. Colton was SO wild and crazy the whole time. She commented that he was the wiggliest baby she had seen all day, and also the best breather she had seen all day. She also kept commenting on how BIG he was. She asked about how much my other babies had weighed. She used words like stalky, chubby, and generous, ha! She even asked if I was sure I passed my gestational diabetes test. She said his head was measuring 41 weeks, and his weight was estimated at 9 lbs even. I was a little surprised at that, but then again my stomach did feel enormous and I got all the crazy comments. I still figured their estimate was a little on the high side. 

She wrapped up the ultrasound and a few minutes later the high risk doctor came in. He confirmed there was fluid on his kidneys which would need to be followed up after birth. He also said Colton was really big, and my amniotic fluid levels were increased. He said with all of those things considered and the fact that I was already full term, he wanted me to have the baby now. WHAT. I could not believe it. I was not induced with either of the girls and didn't really like the idea of it. I was thinking he probably meant some time this week. I already had my weekly OB appointment scheduled for Wednesday so I assumed I would schedule an induction at that appointment.

Then the high risk doctor said he was going to call my OB and if she agreed with him then I would walk over to L&D and check in and start the induction. No going home. This came as major shock and I almost started to cry at this point. I was looking forward to meeting Colton but still wanted to go home and gather a few more things and see the girls. Thankfully Greg had worked from home that afternoon so he could be with the girls during my appointment.

The doctor came back in a few minutes later and said my OB wanted to schedule the induction 1st thing the next morning and that I should walk over to her office now and discuss the plan. I was so relieved to hear that but my mind was still racing. I called Greg immediately and he was shocked too. (Side note: While I was on the phone with Greg walking over to my OB's office someone passed by and pointed to my tummy and asked if I was having twins. Haha. One last comment!) I called my parents as well. They had just flown out to Phoenix that morning to be with my sister who was having a csection the next day. They were completely shocked when I told them I would be having a baby the same day (or so we thought) as my sister. 

After I met with my OB I headed home and tried to think of what all I needed to do that evening. Greg was busy packing the girls' bags and then he drove them to meet his parents halfway to Waco. They were so sweet to keep them in Waco during our hospital stay and a couple days after. While he was doing that I was running around getting a mani/pedi, throwing last minute things in my hospital bag, vacuuming, and showering. It was the strangest and most exciting feeling.

Tuesday, October 20th

We woke up at 4am and checked in to the hospital at 5am. This is the last picture of me pregnant. Notice my shirt does not cover my belly. Who cares, I am about to have a baby YAY!

The first couple hours they mostly checked my vitals and had me answer more questions (I knew it!!) and monitored the baby's heart rate. Around 7am they gave me cervidil. The plan was to leave it in for 12 hrs and see if it worked to soften things, then proceed with Pitocin. My OB said I could eat and drink and get up. So basically Greg and I just hung out and I ordered room service throughout the day and we watched tv. It seemed like it was going to be a very long and slow process. Greg walked over to get us Pumpkin Spice Lattes for an afternoon treat. By the late afternoon I finally started having contractions with some regularity. They weren't really painful yet or very close together, but at least they kept coming.

At 7pm they took out the cervidil. I was only 2cm. They told me they would start Pitocin at midnight. Greg and I watched Netflix together and felt like we were on a date/vacation, ha. Around 9pm my contractions started getting painful. I was hoping that meant I was making progress and maybe I wouldn't even need the pitocin. But at midnight they checked me and I was only 2 1/2 cm. They started me on the lowest dose of pitocin and said they would start increasing it around 5am. I slept off and on but of course nurses came in constantly throughout the night and because they were pumping me with IV fluids I had to pee every hour. 

Wednesday, October 21st

At 5:30am they started increasing my pitocin. The contractions were still coming regularly, but not they seemed to actually be less painful than they had been late at night. I can't remember how far apart they were at that point, but I think about 2-3 minutes.

At 8:15am my OB came by to check me and break my water. It was definitely a painful check. I was only 3cm along. Although I knew that things could speed up now that she broke my water. She told me things would probably start getting painful in the next 30 minutes.

Contractions did get more intense. The nurses asked if I wanted to get the epidural process started. I decided that there was no point in waiting til the pain was unbearable so I told them to go ahead and call the anesthesiologist. He came shortly after and gave me the epidural. It was kind of painful but oh so worth it. It kicked in pretty quickly and worked great. I could tell when I was having contractions but they weren't painful. The nurse told me she would check me again around lunch time.

It was sometime after 12pm when the nurse came in to check me. I was expecting her to say I was 4-5cm. Greg and I were shocked when she said I was 10. She called my OB to come over and started prepping the room. I kept looking at the baby warmer thinking there is about to be a baby in it! At one point I started feeling strange and lightheaded and before I even said anything the nurse put the oxygen mask on me. It happened earlier in the morning too but after a few minutes of oxygen I felt much better.

My OB came in the room and it was show time. They asked me if I remembered how to push and I said I hope so. We waited for the next contraction and I pushed 3 times and his head was out. The cord was wrapped around him so my doctor had to cut it before he was even all the way out. Then she told be to look down. I leaned forward a little and she was pulling him out and placed him on me. He was born at 1:59pm. He was gooey and covered in that white stuff and seemed kinda blue/purple but still the sweetest sight ever. It took him a few seconds to cry and I was so happy to hear it.

Our sweet boy was here. Baby Colton. I will still never get over the miracle of birth. One minute in my belly, the next in my arms. After some good snuggles skin to skin they weighed him. 9lbs. 0oz. My ultrasound estimate had gotten it exactly right! We were very surprised. And 22 in. long. How did that big boy fit in there? I am so thankful he made it out just fine. I was a little nervous that I might need a csection.

We enjoyed the next couple days in the hospital loving on our sweet son. It definitely felt different this time with both of our parents out of town, but we enjoyed our time bonding with Colton and trying to rest when possible. Although who can really rest in the hospital with round the clock nurse check ins? Knock knock, it's 3 am, now seems like a great time for his HepB shot! Knock knock, 4am time to check your temp and blood pressure! I know, that is just how things go. The hospital nurses were all great though and I am always a tiny bit sad to leave.

When the girls came back home they were excited to meet Colton. Cambry ran into the play room to see him as soon as she walked in the door. She kept say how cute and tiny he was. I am so thankful for these 3!

Well Colton Brooks, we are completely in love with you. I am so thankful for a smooth labor and delivery and God's protection over all of us. Welcome to the family sweet boy.