Monday, January 23, 2017

Colton 15 Months

I haven't done any monthly updates past 12 months, but it is fun to do one every once in a while. I went back and read Cambry's 15 month update recently and also a "day in the life" post from around that time. I don't even recognize or remember my routine from back then. It is crazy how things change so much. My days seemed much more slow, calm, and relaxed back then. And even though things are busier and sometimes more hectic, rushed, loud, and chaotic, they are so fun. Having 3 keeps things interesting and I love to see them play together. I need to do a day in the life post soon. Maybe this week. Anyway, here is Colton at 15 months.

This is such a fun age. His personality is coming out a lot and I just love watching his every move. He is the perfect mix of baby and toddler. He seems like such a big boy with his big boy hair style and cute little man clothes walking around getting into everything. But his face and body are still so babyish. Especially in his footie pajamas (the best), or just a diaper or onesie. I love his wide leg walk (like he just got off a horse) with his quick, short, steps. This kid is so adorable.

Skills: Talking. This boy has a lot of words. Mommy, Dada, ball, dog, nana, cheese, turty (turkey), lovie, peppa, cracker, uh oh, wa wa, more, poo poo, and probably others I am forgetting. When we facetimed Greg the other day he just kept saying dada over and over the whole time. He is very vocal and will let us know when he is frustrated, or wants something that his sisters have, is hungry, etc. He has started climbing things recently. He will climb up on the kid chair, stand up, then beam with pride at his accomplishment.

Likes: He likes to look at books. Especially when we put him down for nap or bed. He doesn't want to be rocked to sleep, he just wants to look at books. He also loves balls. Any and all balls. And trucks. He is good about playing by himself some too. He will sit and load the coins in the treasure box or put the balls in the chicken coop over and over again. Kitchen cabinets are also a favorite of his. He loves to pull out pots and pans and bang them all over the floor. Or grab things out of the dishwasher. He is still majorly attached to his lovie. MAJORLY.

Struggles: This boy is the pickiest eater. He of course doesn't like vegetables. It is probably easier just to name the things he likes. He eats turkey, crackers, hummus, pancakes, fruit (but is even picky about fruit), yogurt, hot dogs, oatmeal, raisins, and I'm not even sure what else. When he dislikes something and you try to hand it to him he fiercely shoves it away. It is so funny. He won't eat cheese lately, he doesn't like PBJ's yet, and he doesn't really eat eggs (scrambled or hard boiled). I am always at a loss for what to feed him. We always try to get him to eat what we eat for dinner, but it is hard. We end up having to add in a lot of other things to try and fill him up. And he doesn't drink much milk. What the heck? He will take a few sips at a time but that's it. I still nurse him in the morning and night. Hopefully he will drink more cow's milk when I stop.

Schedule: His wake up time varies. If he wakes up at 5 something or even 6 I can nurse him and put him back down. Then he usually wakes up a little after 7. If he wakes up at 6:30 or after, once I nurse him he is up for the day. He usually takes a nap around 10am and 3pm, But sometimes our schedule doesn't allow for that so he only gets one in the middle of the day. Naps are usually 1-2 hours. Bedtime is around 7:30.

We love you, Colton Brooks!

Monday, January 16, 2017

This and That

It's been life as usual with a 1, 3, and 5 year old. January has been a nice, slower paced month for us.

One of my goals is to work out more. I know, I know; this is my goal every year. Greg and I went once to the YMCA (or as Cambry calls it, the YMSPJ) together so far. I took a barre class with my neighbor for the first time. I hope to keep going weekly. I also want to try some other classes. It didn't help that I had an upper respiratory infection for 2 straight weeks after Christmas. But anyway. Excuses, excuses.

We had an impromptu visit with the Gentrys and Nelsons in College Station the other weekend. The Winklers even stopped by too! It was a fun mini reunion. It was so nice to be around close friends. We don't have any close friends here yet so it made me extra thankful for the good friends that we had made all those years in Houston.

Even though we don't really do play dates since we don't know many people, our weeks are still quite full. I guess it just goes with having 3 kids, but we stay fairly busy. Cambry has school MWF and Lainey has therapy 3 times a week. Then of course Colton and Lainey's nap rotations take up a chunk of the day. We also visit parks, go to the library, play outside, and run errands.

Cooking dinner with 3 youngsters is still a bit challenging. Some days Greg gets home pretty early so he plays with them the whole time I cook. Other days I cook part or all of the meal while they hang around the kitchen hungry, bored, and looking for a mess to make. The 5 o'clock hour is always the most chaotic of the day.

Lainey has made MAJOR speech progress in the past 3-4 weeks. She has gone from saying single words only, to 2 or 3 or 4 word phrases. It is so exciting. She is also saying words more clearly and putting more endings on her words. Her therapist has been so impressed with her the past 2 sessions. We are very proud of our Lainey cakes.

Speaking of talking, Colton can say several words as well. He says mama, dada, dog, ball, nana (both for grandma and banana), more, wawa (water), cheese (especially when he is holding a phone, haha). He also tries to say truck, turkey, and lovie, but those are not too clear. The other day he did something to one of his sisters and Greg said, say "sorry". Neither of us were expecting him to actually be able to say it, but clear as day he said "sorry!".

And that is life lately, folks!

Friday, January 6, 2017

2016 in Review

I did this last year and really enjoyed reflecting on our year. I would hardly remember anything if it weren't for this blog. So here is our 2016 year in review for the memory books!

We adjusted to having 3 little ones - a preschooler, a toddler, and an infant. We realized getting things accomplished during the kids' waking hours and getting out the door is incrementally harder with 3 kids compared to 2. But we also loved all the fun, laughter, affection, and chaos.

We went on a group date to the Escape Room (dates are rare and must be documented).

Greg and I had our 8 year anniversary. 

We rodeo-ed.

We enjoyed spring in Texas by spending time outside playing at parks and exploring new trails.

Greg took Cambry camping with some other daddies and kids.

We celebrated Easter with friends and family.

We took our annual bluebonnet pictures. 

Greg took both girls camping.

We went to the art car parade.
We enjoyed watching Colton grow and learn new skills. He was the cutest baby boy ever and was kissed constantly. He started rolling all over the place and his mobility kept us on our toes.

Lainey continued her speech therapy and started saying a few words.

Cambry started swim lessons again.

We visited our Waco family.

Cambry had her last day of preschool and we welcomed summer.

Colton started sleeping through the night.

We decided to move to the Woodlands! We listed our house for sale and began remodeling our Woodlands house.

We vacationed with the Matterns in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

We came home, threw everything in the wash, then turned around and headed to Galveston to vacation with the Grosses.

We packed up all our stuff, said goodbye to our friends, and moved 45 minutes North.

Cambry started PreK at a new school.

We explored parks and splashpads in our new town.

We spent October outdoors, at patches, eating all the pumpkin things, and painting pumpkins.

We celebrated Colton and Lainey's 1st and 3rd birthdays.

Our big toddler boy started walking and saying several words.

The Mattern family reunion was held in Dobbin. Sadly, Greg's Grandma (from whom all these families came) passed away about a month later.

We trick-or-treated with new neighbor friends.

We had family pictures taken.

The Kimmels came in for a week over Thanksgiving.

Cambry turned 5 and we celebrated with family in Dobbin.

Lainey really started saying a lot more words and even 2 or more word phrases.

We enjoyed all the Christmasy things - parties, lights, Advent, making treats, movies, shopping, and wrapping. We spent time in Waco and at home.

We ended 2016 with a family trip to Austin for a couple days.

2016 was a wonderful year. I had no idea at the beginning of the year that we would end the year in a new home in a new city. It has been a big change and a little lonely but we do love the Woodlands. I'm thankful for everything and looking forward to new adventures this year.