Friday, June 28, 2013

DIY Toddler Busy Bags

After getting together with some friends, here are the busy bags we made. I am not going to give tutorials for making each one because there are already so many tutorials you can find online. I will just post pictures and briefly explain. These are for a variety of skill levels, so Cambry may not be able to do some of these for a while.

1. Felt Clothes Line - They hang the cut out felt clothes on the clothesline. You could tie the line between 2 chairs if you wanted to hang it up.

2. Pom Pom Push - They push little pom poms through holes in a container. Cambry loves this one.

3. Picture Matching - They match the two halves of the animal picture

4. Velcro Craft Sticks - They can make letters, shapes, designs, etc 

5. Ice Cream Match - They match the colored ice cream scoop with the cone and the color name

6. Object Matching - They place the matching object on the index card

7. Magnetic Pom Poms - They put the activity sheet on a cookie sheet and place the magnetic pom poms on the circles. (Note: This one wasn't working...maybe need to buy stronger magnets?)

8. Spoon Match - They match the upper and lower case letters together. It is hard to tell from the picture but all the capital letters are written on white spoons and all the lower case letters are written on clear spoons. When they stack the matching letters they can see both.

9. Bean Count - They place the correct number of beans on the foam cards

10. Color Sort - They sort the objects by color into the 4 cups

11. Build-a-Shape - They make the same shape as the one in the top portion of the card using the loose shapes

12. Paint Sample Match - They clip the matching clothespin to the correct color

13. Build-a-Letter - They build the letters of the alphabet by placing the pre-cut pieces in the outlined areas. (The rest of the alphabet is also printed on card stock, just not shown)

14. Craft Stick Puzzle - They arrange the craft sticks to reveal the picture

15. Go Fish - They use the fishing pole with the magnetic bait to catch the fish (Note: I haven't glued the magnets to the fish yet. I may double stack the fish so the magnets are hidden)

For my other 2 activities, please see previous post here.


Fiona said...

WOW!! So many more awesome ideas!! I need to make many of these when I get a moment. So neat! I am pinning and bookmarking this for later for sure!! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

joan said...

These are really neat. Thanks for sharing.

Cajun Cowgirl said...

These are so great! I stumbled upon this post and I have great ideas for making these and others but it's finding the time!!!

PreethiVeen said...

Such great ideas! Now all I need is the time, which I am going to make as I'm sure my toddler is going to love these!!!