Monday, December 28, 2015

Colton 2 Months

Size: At your 2 month checkup you weighed 12lbs 10oz (71% ), you were 23in long (64% ), and head was 86% . I don't think they measured you accurately though. I think you are definitely longer than that. You wear 3 month clothes although they are almost too small.

Sleep: Every day is so different. Plus it's hard to even attempt a schedule because we are on the go so often with school drop off /pick up, therapies, appointments, moms group, errands, etc. You sleep a lot throughout the day and we never know when you are ready to go down for the night. Sometimes it's 9pm, sometimes 11pm. You wake up once or twice a night to nurse. If we are on the go you almost always sleep.

Eat: You eat about every 2-3 hrs during the day, and sometimes a longer stretch if you are taking a long nap. You are a great eater and you have adorable rolls to show for it. Sometimes you spit up a little but not every time.

Likes/Dislikes: You like being in the car or stroller, the swing, your playmat, and the Bjorn. You like baths and you like when we talk and smile at you. I don't think there is much you dislike. Well maybe getting excessive kisses from your sisters. Oh, and tummy time. Still not a fan.

Skills: Smiling! You started smiling a few weeks ago and it is the best!

 Colton you are such a good, sweet, happy baby. You hardly even cry. You are a true joy. I love you so much and I am soaking up every snuggle. You are growing fast yet I feel like you have been with us for so long. I love all your cute faces and your precious smiles and your soft baby skin. I am so so thankful to have a little boy!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas for 5

We had a wonderful first Christmas as a family of 5! We stayed at our house for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning and it was nice and relaxed. Christmas Eve we mostly hung out around the house and then went to the 6pm church service. They didn't have childcare so we had the whole crew together. Lainey didn't even make it to the start of the sermon. She did NOT want to sit still so Greg took her in the lobby. Colton was good and sort of in and out of sleep. After the service we changed the kids into their pajamas and headed to Starbucks. I nursed Colton while Greg got our coffee drinks and milk steamers for the kids. Then we went to look at Christmas lights. It was so warm that evening so we were practically sweating drinking coffee and the kids in their fleece pajamas. Colton cried a lot, which is unusual for him. Lainey was kinda fussy too. Christmas cheer! But we did enjoy seeing some good lights while listening to Christmas music. This is my favorite tradition.

My parents came over early Christmas morning. I made a big breakfast casserole and red velvet pancakes. We kept the living room doors closed and the  girls waited patiently to see what Santa brought.

After breakfast we went in the living room to open the gifts. Christmas with kids is so much fun. I love seeing their excitement. They opened stockings first and then we took our time opening all the gifts and playing with them. It was a beautiful warm day so we spent a lot of time outside with Cambry on her new bike and Lainey with her plasma car. Colton slept so much that day. I think he hit a growth spurt because he did a lot of nursing and sleeping. We ate a big meal with my parents in the afternoon. It was such a wonderful Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This is a long post with a ton of pictures that sums up our December. We have had so much fun. Christmas time really is the best time of the year!

1) School Program

Cambry's school had a special Christmas chapel last week. The oldest 2 classes acted out the story of Jesus' birth and the younger 3 classes sang all the songs. It was completely adorable.

The kids had their class Christmas parties that same day. They did a gift exchange and Cambry got a set of nail polishes. They came home with lots of goodies and crafts.

2) Christmas Decor

While we were in Waco for Thanksgiving we went to Magnolia Market and I took a picture of a cute sign they were selling so I could try to recreate the writing. Not an exact replica but I still like how it turned out. Also, if you look closely at the tree you can see where Cambry helped with the purple ornaments. I love that little section.

3) Christmas with Youth

Each year in December we have a fun Sunday where the kids get to have a gingerbread house decorating contest. This is the kind of thing I love and I really just want to decorate the house by myself and be super competitive, ha! But I have to step back and just let the kids do it. You can always tell a big difference between the guys' houses and the girls' houses. It is pretty fun to watch.

They also had a party for the leaders and their families one night. They had breakfast for dinner and you could come in your pjs. Unfortunately I totally missed the pj part on the evite so we were just in regular clothes. They had Frozen on for the kids and Cambry was of course happy about that. Colton slept through the whole party.

4) Christmas Outfits

This year since Cambry has so many opinions about clothes she has not been wanting to wear cute Christmas outfits. So mostly I have just been dressing up Colton and Lainey. We have SO many cute Christmas clothes. My mom has bought the girls Christmas dresses every year and we also have hand me downs from Jill and tons of cute stuff that my friend Wendy sent to me last year. 

Here are the girls last year wearing the same dresses. How do they still fit in them??

5) Christmas jammies

It has almost been too hot to wear fleece Christmas jammies! It has felt like summer around here lately. But we have gotten a few wears in and everyone is looking cute. I actually didn't buy anyone Christmas jammies this year. I really wanted to get all matching/coordinating ones but by the time I got around to it they were mostly sold out online. Luckily we have lots of cute hand me downs!

6) Santa

We didn't take official Santa pictures this year but Cambry's school did get pictures with Santa on "pajama day". I couldn't convince Cambry to wear Christmas pajamas but she still looked cute in her cupcake pajamas. Last year she would not go near Santa so this is a big improvement!

I wonder where Cambry gets her indecision from. I can't decide...

7) Christmas crafts

Basically this should barely be a category because this is the only thing we did, ha! Well, besides all the cute things she made at school.

8) Zoo Lights

We went with friends again this year to see zoo lights. I feel like I barely even saw the lights because I was too busy making sure all of our children were with us at all times. It was fun though!

9) Church Christmas Party

We had our annual Christmas party at church for the kids where they play, eat, and have a book exchange. The girls had a blast playing on the indoor playground and Colton slept through the whole thing (surprise surprise).