Sunday, May 6, 2018

Spring Recap

Since I have gotten so far behind in blogging, I am going to do a recap of the past couple months through pictures.

Lil Texans

We didn't go to the rodeo this year but the kids did look adorable dressing up for Go Texan day at school. Cambry's school had a fun day where the parents got to come up and join the kids in some activities. Of course Lainey and Colton joined in on the fun too.


Greg and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary on March 1. I can't believe it has been 10 years. Weren't we just newlyweds?? We went out to eat for a family dinner. Since we did our Lake Tahoe trip in the fall, we kinda counted that as our big celebration. I'm so thankful for an awesome 10 years with this guy.

We also celebrated my dad's birthday in March. 


We went on our semi-annual camping trip to Huntsville State park this spring. We went with the Moores and had a great time. Our kids played well together and we had good adult catch-up time.

Bikes, Parks, and Exercise

After about a year of Greg searching on Craigslist/OfferUp for a bike, he finally ended up finding one on the curb of someone's house with a sign taped to it that said "FREE". He snatched that thing right up and threw it in the back of the van. So I promptly went to Target and bought myself a bike so that we would be all set for family bike rides. Our neighbor had loaned us their bike trailer that they no longer use, which is perfect for Colton and Lainey. The Woodlands has so many great bike trails and we have several playgrounds that are about a mile away that we can ride to. We have been taking advantage of the great weather and enjoying some family bike rides. 

We have been going to parks so often lately. With summer right around the corner we have to enjoy every last bit of this nice weather before it becomes unbearable. Cambry has been extremely determined to conquer the monkey bars the past couple months and she has now mastered them. When that girl becomes determined to learn something, she does it! She has taught herself monkey bars, hula hooping (she is amazing, although I like the claim she inherited her hula-hooping skills from me), and now cartwheels. I'm excited to see what she will tackle next.

Also, a few weeks ago Greg and Cambry did a 1 mile fun run for her school.


We went over to my parents house to do some fishing a couple weekends ago. We tried to let the kids fish but it ended up with one kid falling in the water. Cambry was definitely that last one we would have guessed that would have gone in. She went all the way under and it scared her but it was actually really shallow and she was fine and now she laughs about it. Ironically, she fell in minutes after I literally said "This is the least relaxing activity!" With all the kids swinging their rods right by everyones heads and them walking so close to the edge of the lake and getting lines tangled, how is this supposed to be fun?? Haha.

Greg was able to get a bit of time fishing with my dad though and he ended up catching a good fish.

He also got to go fishing with Jameson all day at Fayette and caught a ton of fish.

Greg has also taken the kids fishing recently a couple of times. Colton especially seems to like it.

New Baby on the Block

We celebrated the arrival of our neighbor's baby boy. He is here now - adorable and healthy - and I think Colton is going to be excited to have another boy on the street. I had to dust off my onesie-cake-making skills.

That is about all I can remember from the past couple months. See, this is why I blog because otherwise I forget everything!

Easter 2018

We had a great Easter weekend and as an added bonus the weather was beautiful!

On Saturday we dyed eggs outside with our neighbors. We brought the kids' picnic table out to the cul-de-sac and the kids had a fun time decorating the eggs. Then they all played outside together for a couple more hours.

On Sunday morning the kids woke up early and got their Easter baskets. 

Then we went to church where Greg and I helped out in Colton's classroom. We only stayed for one service so we missed out on Jeff's sermon, but we listened later online.

My parents came over around lunch time and we enjoyed a nice Easter lunch together. Cambry prayed before the meal and part of her prayer included "Thank you that Mickey did not poop on our floors". The kids did an egg hunt in the front yard and had fun with confetti eggs in the backyard. I love kids in Easter clothes. They are too precious. And I especially love buying the girls matching dresses for holidays and will do it as long as they will let me.

Happy Easter! He is Risen!

Sunday, February 25, 2018


It has been a rainy February! We have had a few pretty days sprinkled in but it seems like mostly rain and clouds. We haven't been up to too much the last few weeks. The kids are at such fun ages though and they are always doing cute things that I want to remember.


She is so funny. She loves bringing stuff in the car. When I called for kids to all come and get in the car to drop Cambry off at school this is how Lainey came. In her pajamas with her robe on and with about 5 stuffed animals in her arms. Although this is nothing compared to how many she sleeps with.

Last week Greg and I had folded a pile of laundry and then got up to do other things. A couple minutes later we see Colton and Lainey throwing clothes everywhere trying to get them to land on the mantle and Lainey had put on my jeans.

Lainey has really started to be interested in books lately. Well, certain ones. Mainly Peppa Pig Books or any of the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series. She loves to look at them and talk about the pictures.


I have been so impressed with Cambry's reading lately. She does great on her take home readers and now all of a sudden she is starting to read any of the regular children's library books we check out. She is also discovering that she can read signs on the road. So fun!

She has set up the area behind the couch as her secret fort. She has covered the windows in papers - rules, alphabet, drawings, all kinds of school worksheets, etc. The other day she wanted to have a meeting with me in her fort to discuss Lainey's speech therapy progress and goals. Then she decided she wanted to help Lainey work on her yes/no answers (which is one of her ST goals) so she wrote and illustrated a book for her. Each page had a picture of something (butterfly, dog, cat, etc) and asked "Is this a butterfly (etc)? Yes or No?". She is the sweetest big sister.


This boy wants to wrestle all day every day. He does sound effects and will just come at you in an loving-aggressive tackle-hug. He sometimes says hilariously suspicious things like "I'm doing nothing", or randomly in the car "Nobody pooped!". I squatted down to hug him one day and he asked to be held so I held him while squatting. Then he said "Don't hold me like that. Hold me tall." He doesn't exactly understand measurements of time so he is always asking to do something for "a couple more hours". Come on Colton it's time to go. "I play trains a couple more hours". He is so very opinionated and bossy and wants to do everything for himself - turn the car off, push the garage door button, put the lid on his milk, help pour the milk, and on and on and on. Cambry taught him a version of Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, that goes Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Bottoms which he finds hilarious and loves to sing. 

Of course when I actually sit down to write a blog post I suddenly forget all the cute stuff they have said lately so that's all I can think of right now!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Valentines Day 2017

We started the tradition a couple years ago of celebrating valentines day as a family with a fun breakfast at home. We make pink donuts, and have pink milk (or water) and I decorate the table. Greg and I never really made a big deal over valentines day pre-kids, but I love our family tradition and I love having a reason to decorate and make something special out of it. My mom always made holidays so special for us growing up and love carrying on the tradition. Valentines day fell on a Wednesday this year so we did our family breakfast on the Saturday before.

This year was extra fun because Nana and Pops joined us! The kids had so much fun having their grandparents over and getting lots of extra attention. We had a fun weekend with them.

Lainey's class exchanged valentines at school and we brought flowers to her teachers. She was very proud to hold them.

Cambry's class exchanged valentines as well and they each made a box at home to hold their valentines. We bought this cute unicorn box kit at Target but of course had to add a little of our own touches as well.

I'm not sure why I started it, but every year I have taken pictures of the kids for Valentines day. I love how they turned out. I want to scoop them all up and kiss their sweet faces.

 On the night of Valentines after we put the kids to bed I made dinner for Greg and I - steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans. He had brought home Gigi's cupcakes that day so we enjoyed those afterward. Then on Friday night my parents offered for the kids to spend the night over there so we could go out. We went to see The Greatest showman at a nice theatre where we sat in recliners and ordered dinner. I loved the movie and I am dying to see it again. Greg doesn't even like musicals really and he thought it was great. After the movie we did some quick shopping at the outlet malls before heading home. It was nice to have a night to ourselves and the kids had a fun slumber party. I should add that the last movie we saw together in a theatre was The Butler. That was 2 kids ago! We should really get out more.

It was a great valentines day/week!