Friday, November 18, 2011

Baby Bump - 37 Weeks

I have gotten a little behind on my weekly belly pics, so here is a catch up of the last few weeks.

And for my current week picture, I thought I would put it next to my 32 week picture since I am wearing the same shirt and you can see what a difference 5 weeks makes!

At 37 weeks I am...

- Still feeling good, just large.

- 1 cm / 50% effaced (same as I was at my 36 week appt)

- So thankful that Cambry is head down! I had an ultrasound last week that showed she was in the head down position. They also estimated her weight to be 6lb 15 oz last week. The Dr. said babies gain about a half pound a week, making her approximately 9 lbs at 40 weeks! I know these estimates are not that accurate because I have had lots of people tell me how their estimates were way off from their babies birth weight. We will just have to wait and see how big she really is. But 9 lbs does make me a little nervous! I told Cambry she is free to come out any time now but she seems happy to stay put for the time being.

- Enjoying having normal sized feet! The swelling has definitely improved now that I am not sitting in an office all day.

- Eating smaller meals. I get hungry quickly after a meal, but still have to stick to small frequent meals since clearly Cambry is taking up ALL THE ROOM and leaving very little for my actual stomach.

- Sleeping well still. Changing sides takes an enormous amount of effort, but overall I am not too uncomfortable and for that I am very thankful!

I had my last day of work last Thursday. It was bittersweet. I am excited to be a stay at home mom but I was really sad to say goodbye to everyone at work. I had been with Transocean for 6 1/2 years and really liked my job and my co-workers. Everyone was so sweet about my decision to stop working. They had a goodbye lunch for me and cupcakes on my last week. I was pretty emotional on my last day of work, but thankfully was able to hold the tears in until I got to the car :)

But now that I am past the sadness of saying goodbyes, I have really been enjoying my first week off! Greg likes to tease me that now I stay at home and watch soap operas and eat bonbons all day - ha. I told him being a stay at home wife is very stressful trying to coordinate all my lunch dates now :) Just kidding. I have been able to relax and meet up with a few friends but I have also had a chance to be productive and get things done. It is a huge blessing to have time off before little girl makes her arrival.


Lesley said...

You are almost there! Yay!

You won't have long to be just a few weeks you will forget about your'll be so enthralled with your new baby girl. I'm so excited for you that you get to stay home with her. It is a blessing.

P.S. I just noticed that we have the same blog design. How funny!

Anonymous said...

You are looking FABULOUS mommy! quite a feat for 37 weeks ! Love y'all so much and so very excited for you!
Love-Amy Littlepage