Friday, January 6, 2012

First Few Weeks

Our baby girl is 3 weeks old today! She is so precious and sweet. Here is what is going on with her right now...

She eats about every 3 hours, and she is a good eater.

After she eats she is awake for a bit but is usually fussy. I never really know what is wrong at this point. Gassy? I am not sure, but you can't really just put her down (in a bouncer, play mat, etc) and have her be content. She doesn't cry very long, but she just seems to need to be held or rocked or something until she falls asleep. Then she usually stays asleep until her next feeding.

She does well in the car and usually falls asleep in her car seat after a few minutes. She is like her momma :)

When she starts to dose off to sleep she smiles. It is the cutest thing. Her eyes will be shut and she will smile several times.

(Don't worry, she does not sleep in our bed like this)

She usually likes going on walks. We have gone on quite a few since we have had such nice weather. I can't believe the beginning of January has been so warm! Sometimes she cries when we put her in the car seat in the stroller but usually calms down once we start going.

She likes bath time! She is so cute how she will just lay there and look around while we pour the warm water on her.

After bath time her hair gets a little crazy.

Baby girl is not a fan of bottles. We started introducing a bottle at 1 1/2 weeks. We try to give her one every day or every other day. She fights it, and sometimes acts like we are gagging her, but I think she is starting to get a little better. We have tried several different kinds of bottles and so far the Playtex one seems to get the best results.

She will only take a paci sometimes, and only the soothie kind. She usually doesn't suck on it for very long.

We have gone on several outings and she has done well. Today I made a quick stop at Target and walked around with her in the Baby Bjorn. She fussed a little at first but then fell asleep. It was really nice to carry her around like that.

I love when babies lay frogger style.

So serious.

And that's what we have been up to lately.


Ashley said...

Love all the photos. I cant wait to see her in person later this week. :)

Jill said...

I miss that little snuggle bug already!! I love the previous post!!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Matthew sleeps like that too! (Frogger style.) I love that Cambry smiles when she sleeps too! How precious!

Briana Burns said...

Hunter still smiles as he falls asleep. That is when I would take pictures of him. Your little Cambry just melts my heart- she is so precious. I would feed Hunter already naked but with a diaper and wrapped in a blanket, have my photo area set up already and then start shooting once he started falling asleep. That seemed to work well for him. Good luck on your next pics! Keep them coming!!