Sunday, May 4, 2014

Guns, Hair, Peas, and More

I have gotten a little behind on blogging, so here are a random assortment of things from the past couple of weeks.


The other weekend Greg and I used the Parents Night Out at our church and had a fun date night. We went to the shooting range for the first time together. It was fun, but I realized guns are scarier than I remembered. Some of them were very "explosive" and I did not like that. But I did enjoy shooting the .22. We went to Lupe Tortilla afterward for dinner. Fajitas just do not get any better than that. By the time we picked up the girls and got home it was 10pm. Cambry was wired. She was running around the house asking to play with play dough. There were no signs of sleepiness. Lainey on the other hand went right to sleep when we got home. Overall a very successful night!


Lainey's hair is getting a bit wild. It is long on top and gets crazy sometimes, especially if we don't smooth it down after bath. She also has some very dark tips and lighter roots. I guess she is going for the ombre look. Or is that dark at the roots and lighter at the end? Hmm, you can see how much I know about style.

She has enough hair to gather it on top into a tiny pony tail, so I have tried that a couple of times.


We discovered Lainey loves peas. We first offered her puréed fruits like pear and apples, and then sweet potato. She hated them all and would not even open her mouth. Then I tried peas and she gobbled up almost the whole jar in her first sitting. I was in shock. A few days later we tried squash and she liked that too. Let's hope this girls loves her veggies this much when she is 2!


We have been having the best weather lately. I can't believe it is May and not unbearably hot! I think this week is going to be warmer but this weekend was beautiful. We spent most of Saturday outside working on the yard. Lainey watched for a while in her bouncer and Cambry helped with spraying the hose and shaking the fertilizer. Let's hope these flowers last more than a couple weeks.

We also went to our friend Logan's birthday party and it was really cute. They have this really fun plane in the backyard that the kids loved.


Usually if I am holding Cambry and Lainey in the chair getting ready for nap time Cambry will be saying "No kicking Lainey!! Noooo Lainey don't get my hair. Nooo Lainey stop getting me!" while trying to nudge Lainey out of the way. But sometimes we can get a cute shot of them and I am so thankful for these 2. I hope as Lainey gets older they will enjoy playing with each other.

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joan said...

They are so adorable andgrow so fast! Enjoy every second of every minute!!