Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lainey 11 Months

Our little Lainey bear is so close to 1 year! It has been forever but yet not long at all. You are such a sweet little babe. You learned to clap this month, and you can now officially drink from a straw sippy cup. You are very curious about everything. You reflux is pretty much gone, and no meds. That is a HUGE praise. You still spit up a tiny bit every now and then but otherwise it is just not an issue. You don't even mind tummy time anymore. You roll to your tummy a lot now. You are very smiley at home, and even sometimes to strangers which is new. You also started babbling this month! We have heard a variety of different consonant sounds although no words.

Size: According to our scale at home you are a little over 18lbs. You wear mostly 9 -12 month clothing and size 3 diaper.

Likes: You are a very happy baby. You love grabbing everything and putting it in your mouth, especially receipts. You like to be included in everything and you love being out and about. You like baths and splashing all around. You laugh when we tickle you and when we act silly with you.

Dislikes: The past month or two you have started getting fussy when we leave the room or don't pick you up. You don't fuss yet when we hand you off to go in childcare though. You also get really upset when we take things away from you (again, receipts, small parts, etc) and start crying dramatically.

Working on: You are working on getting up on all fours and going from laying to sitting. You are making progress at both but still need help.

Eating: You take 4 bottles a day (7 oz each), and baby food a couple times a day. You are eating more baby food this month. You still refuse/gag on anything besides purees. You don't even like vegetable purees anymore. WHAT? Peas were your first love! So now I have to mix the veggies with the fruits.

Sleeping: You are a great sleeper. You go down between 7:30 - 8pm and fall right asleep on your own. You wake up around 6:30am. Sometimes you wake up around 5am and we give you the paci and you go back to sleep. You take 2 naps a day. It is just crazy that we never ever rock you to sleep. Nice that you are so easy but also kind of sad to miss out on those sweet cuddles. You don't really like to be rocked - you are restless and just want to go in your crib.

We love you so much sweet baby bear! Happy 11 months!

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