Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October Happenings

I can't believe we are already halfway though my favorite month! The weather has been gorgeous lately. We have been staying very busy. I don't have any kind of well thought out post, so I'll just post a few random things since it has been a while since my last update.

1) First of all, here are a few more pumpkin pictures. Cambry fell asleep in the car on the way to St. Luke's so when she got woken up to take pictures she was a wee bit cranky. Hence, the no smiling. 
But Lainey gave us some cute smiles!

Why is it that sibling pictures always turn out like this. It's like as soon as you sit them down next to each other in cute outfits things just go downhill and the tears start to flow.

I mean this is probably the best we got. At least they are both looking and no one is crying.

2). I had fun decorating pumpkins and writing a post for HMB on 20 Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin that you can read here.

This is what it looks like to do crafts with babies around. Not easy my friends.

Also you should know that the gold paint has killed/rotted/disintegrated my pumpkin. I have since had to throw it away. 

3) Cambry is so imaginative and creative these days. I love watching her play and seeing how her little mind works. She is great at playing by herself. She will take any object and turn it into either a mommy, daddy, boy, or girl. It will be given a name and will become permanently part of her people group. I have lost many a chapstick and hand sanitizers this way. If I try to sneak the hand sanitizer back in to my diaper bag at night, the next morning she will be like "Where is Williammmmmm??? Who moved him???"

In exhibit A they are playing "Ping Around the Rosies", and exhibit B they are gathered around singing Happy Birthday. I forget whose birthday it was but pretty sure it was Minnie's.

4) Cambry does not always like to take naps these days. She definitely needs them, but it just doesn't always work out. And trust me, we try. She does "room time" if she doesn't want to nap. Sometimes she will end up falling asleep and sometimes not. On this particular day she did not nap. So this happened at Kroger. Sound asleep.

5). Lainey said "Mama" last Friday! This was such a gift from the Lord! So encouraging and so exciting! She won't exactly do it on command, but I do have the video proof from Friday :)

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Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

They are so cute! That pumpkin patch pic is priceless. And yay for hearing "Momma!"