Monday, February 23, 2015

Lainey 16 Months

Little Lainey is 16 months. This update will be short and sweet. I realized I have been taking no pictures on my phone lately! Lainey never stays still though so all of my pictures of her turn out blurry. Anyway, this sweet girl is adorable and so fun. She is into everything. She just wants to open and unload stuff. Basically make a mess and move on and make another mess.

I think she weighs about 20 lbs. She wears 12-18 month clothes. She still babbles a good amount but no real words. Sometimes it seems like she is trying to say things or imitate but I'm not positive. She is cruising more and can even do a push toy by herself for short distances. Someone told me to put duct tape on the wheels so it doesn't roll so fast and that has been very helpful. She has also started letting go of things while standing to see how long she can balance by herself. It is usually only a few seconds before sitting down but I am very proud of her for trying to stand alone. She also is starting to want to climb things. She can climb on a very low surface (like when the couch cushions are removed). No feeding progress really. 

And on a final note, I have been trying to bring out Lainey's curls recently. Her hair is curly and adorable after bath but always straightens out in the morning. So I have started re-wetting it to revive the curls and it has helped some. I am also experimenting with a little gel because...are these curls not the cutest??

We love our sweet and silly girl!

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