Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Life at Three Speed

I often get asked how things are going with three. Things are going well. It is our new normal. Sometimes it is chaotic, but it is fun, and it feels normal now.

Although it feels normal, things changed when we went from 2 to 3 kids. It's not just the responsibility of keeping your eye on 3 little people at once making sure no on falls off a couch, or gets put in a headlock, or swallows Elsa's microscopic removable shoe (why would you do that, Disney?). It feels like a lot less time. Less gets accomplished during the day, and therefore gets pushed into nights and weekends. And not all of that is related to having 3 kids. Part of it is related to having a newborn, period. But still, things are busy and time is tight. This is what we are working with these days...

Lunches are made at night. 

Maybe we are slow to figure it out, but I thought Greg was genius to realize this. We make both girls' lunches each night even for non-school days. Whenever we have a morning outing we get home at the peak time of everyone's neediness (is that a word?) and hunger (mine too). It helps tremendously when I can pull out the lunches in seconds and begin nursing Colton while trying to shove food in my mouth.

Weekend Errands and Online Shopping

I buy many more items online these days.  Although I still haven't tried Amazon Now, I do use Prime all the time. I also buy many things from Target and I do a lot of clothes shopping online too. I try to do my big grocery trip on the weekend by myself, and save additional smaller grocery trips for during the week with the kids.

Blonde hair, don't care

I am trying to stop highlighting my hair. WHOA. Since I don't have any kid-free time during the week to make hair appointments, I have to do them on weekends. But that is precious family time. I hate having 3 hr long appointments that cost me an arm and a leg (or about 8 boxes of diapers, ha!), just to have my roots grown out 3 weeks later. So I am attempting to go back to my natural color but am worried I will hate it. I think I will slowly fade in low lights. We'll see how this goes.

More kids = more coffee

If I made a graph of the number of kids we have compared to my coffee consumption there would be a direct correlation. Before Cambry, I drank coffee only at work. I never made it at home. I don't think I even knew how to use our coffee machine. After I had Cambry I drank coffee, but I don't think it was every day. After Lainey I drank coffee ERRY day. Now after Colton it is often twice a day (although I don't do full caf).  I really need to start buying it from Costco.  

Less Blogging

At the beginning of this year I had to stop blogging for Houston Moms Blog. I had no extra time to do it and felt like I hardly had any time for my own blog. I still feel like I have no time for my own blog but I do try to keep up with it. I've never been interested in making my blog into a business, and I don't need a lot of followers and readers. I know some family and friends read it but the main reason I blog is for me. It is my journal/scrapbook for our family's memories. I would hardly remember anything without this. I love going back and reading past blogs or remembering a family vacation through pictures or how things were with Greg and I before we had kids (what was that like??). Just recently I read a day in the life post I had written when Cambry was just a few months old. I wrote about how I would put her in the bouncer in the bathroom while I showered and then blow dry my hair while she napped. Hahahaha. I would never attempt those things during the kids' waking hours now, cause #aintnobodygottimeforthat (see also: cloth diapering, homemade baby food, and sanitized baby toys).

I'm sure there are more changes to our new normal that I am not thinking of now. But I haven't slept through the night in 5 months so it's hard to think. But life is GOOD. And I am thankful.

Can anyone guess who piled all these toys on him?

It starts with an L and ends with an AINEY.

Chewing on the same toy at the same time.

Watch out buddy Brooks, she is coming in with a kiss from the side.

Nightly shenanigans where they both lay down and begin rodeo kicking.

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