Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Colton 11 Months

Wow your hair looks extra fluffy laying down
I can't believe my next post will be your ONE YEAR post. Gosh, it always goes by so fast. I want to freeze you just as you are and yet I know there is so much fun yet to come. You are so irresistibly cute. You have the best smiles and I love how you are my little koala bear hanging tightly perched on my hip.

Size: I have no idea. The batteries on our scale are dead and since we are still trying to unpack our house and get settled, changing scale batteries is low on my priority list. But blogging is not, apparently. Boxes can wait. Because look at this cuteness. It must be documented.

Eat: You still nurse about every 3 hours during the day and eat purees in between. Plain, whole milk yogurt is still your fave (I mix it with purees too). You still aren't on board with solid foods. I have offered you scrambled eggs, more avocado, a variety of fruits, cheese, turkey, sweet potato fries, but you are like NO THANKS. Hey it's cool. We can wait. I'm sure you will jump on the solid food train eventually.

Sleep: You sleep through the night some nights and others wake up for a feeding. I don't mind though. If you wake up in the 6's you usually want to go back to sleep a little longer after I feed you. But if it is in the 7's you are up for the day. You take your first nap around 9:30 or 10:30 depending on when you wake up. Second nap is around 2 or later depending on length of first. You go to bed at 7:30pm. The lovie bond is still strong.

Likes/Dislikes: You love to stand, get into cabinets, pull up on toilets (gross), take baths, pull things out of the dishwasher, throw/roll a ball back and forth, play in splash pads, and chew on shoes (why??). I have to hide shoes from you. You like to be held and of course you still love your lovie. 

Skills: You pull up on everything and can take a few steps holding on. You can stand on your own for a few seconds at a time when we let go of you. You feel SO PROUD. It is the cutest thing to see the look on your face when you realize you are balancing on your own and beam with pride. You also love to climb up the first step and hold on to the baby gate. That makes me so nervous. You babble mama and dada a lot and make lots of other cute sounds. Cambry is really good at making you laugh. You have developed the funniest fake cry/whine. You scrunch your nose real hard and pout your lip and try to sound upset. Cracks me up every time.

I think this will finally be the month we get your hair cut. I am just so worried about accidentally getting a bowl cut. How do I ask them to trim it up but still keep the rockstar swoop? And what about the duck tail sticking up on top? Certainly we can't cut that off. It's too cute. Maybe just a teeny trim. 

Oh little boy, you are a joy. Tonight after I finished nursing you, you were being so sweet and silly. You would give me the best smiles then grab my face and pull me close. I could eat your up. Happy 11 months precious one.

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