Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Family Tidbits

I saw this on a blog I read and thought it was a cute idea. Write 3 things about each family member. Here we go!


(Pictures taken by Briana Burns Photography. Love them!!)

1. This guy is walking everywhere. No more crawling for him. He is a full time walker. He falls down all the time but that does not stop him. His little waddle is the absolute cutest. 

2. He is the pickiest eater. It is terrible. He is even pickier than his sisters at this age. Basically he likes fruit and dairy products, and items off the Chick-fil-A menu cause #thirdchild. He did try a PBJ the other day and liked it. I made him a turkey and melted cheese sandwich and he treated it like brussel sprouts. We always offer him the food we eat for dinner but he almost always spits it out so then we resort to things like cheese and crackers and look at each other like WHERE DID WE GO WRONG.

3. Twice a week Lainey has therapy at the Elementary school while Cambry is at school. So Colton and I have 30 minutes to ourselves. There is a nice park connected to the school so I have been pushing Colton in the stroller along the trails or letting him play on the playground. Today he was fascinated by the bulldozers nearby that were doing some work. He just stood there and stared for a long long time. His little face was so sweet and curious. I love all of the little "boyish" things that I am seeing in him that are different from the girls.


(Beautiful photos by Briana Burns Photography)

1. Lainey had a heart checkup this week. There are lots of unknowns with her, medically, so we try to be proactive in getting her checked out. She had an EKG and an ultrasound on her heart and we are so thankful that everything looked great! She hated the EKG but actually laid perfectly still for the US thanks to Dinosaur Train.

2. Lainey learned a new skill: escaping her crib. Today she got put in time-out for throwing her oranges all over the floor. I put her in her crib. A couple minutes later I heard a loud sound so I walked upstairs to investigate. I was almost at the top of the stairs when her bedroom door opened, and she popped out saying "mommy?". Then tonight after putting her to bed she escaped again. I guess we will need to take the front railing off her crib so she doesn't get hurt.

3. She has been loving playing outside lately. Now that we live on a cul-de-sac we play outside quite often. Lainey loves being out there running around, playing on her plasma car, being pulled in the wagon, and playing with the other kids out there. We have had some nice weather and are enjoying putting all our ride-able toys to good use.


1. These are Cambry's school pictures. The photography is great and I love that they are outdoors and don't look like the standard school picture. But, this sweet and precious girl is still working on her fake smile. Oh well, she is still a cutie pie. 

2. She had a Thanksgiving feast at her school and all of the families were invited for lunch. They cooked up some great food and it was fun seeing the other parents there. It is such a sweet preschool.

3. I have said this before but this girl is a talker. Non stop at home. She is always busy telling stories about made up characters and she thinks up these interesting and creative names. She also likes to sing songs but does not like it when we try to join in. 


1. He caught his first Woodlands fish recently. Maybe not his biggest ever but he did it with a baby on his back. I'm sure there will be more fish to come!

2. We live on a cul-de-sac now which is amazing. It is very quiet and there are so few cars. There is a spot in the middle with benches that the neighbors started updating. They are taking up all the old wood and replacing it with new. Greg has been out there helping the neighbors. It has been fun getting to know our new neighbors here and watch this project come along.

3. Greg Griswold is getting in the Christmas spirit! We have never before put up Christmas lights on the outside of our house (mainly because we didn't have an outdoor electrical outlet at our old house). But now we do and have no excuse not to decorate. Greg went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of lights and is eager to put them up! WHAT?? I am so excited about this. 


1. I have been slowly trying to decorate our house. It is a LONG process and I am very indecisive. But it is coming along and I am enjoying the process. Our sectional for the living room came in and we are getting some extra carpet bound into a rug this week. We also have a few things on the walls. 

2. I finally started working out again! I have only been twice but hopefully I will get into a regular routine. The Y is just around the corner from our house and they have great child care there. I am hoping to try out a class soon because I seem to work out harder in a group setting. It has been about 2 years since I worked out. I am hoping to get more energy and strength.

3. My friend Becky, who started Sacred Holidays, is hosting an Advent study at her house this year. She lives really close to me and I am so excited! It will be fun to meet other people around here and good to really focus on the true reason for Christmas.

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