Monday, April 10, 2017

Springtime is Here

Oh man it gets harder and harder to write updates here but I so badly want to remember this stage of life we are in. Here are the highlights from the last few weeks.
Cambry lost her first tooth. Literally. We think she probably swallowed it during a meal or snack. It has been loose forever. Months it seems. And the adult tooth has already been there right behind it. We left a small white rock under her pillow since we couldn't find the tooth, but the tooth fairy still left her a dollar.

Spring weather has been beautiful. The splash pads are now open in the Woodlands. The kids love playing in the water and there is nice one really close to us. We also let the kids play in the one at the Waterway Square while we had a picnic dinner with friends one evening.

We went camping for one night at Huntsville state park with 4 other families. This was the first time we all stayed in a tent together. Notice I said "stayed" not "slept". It was quite comical the 5 of us crammed into a 3 person tent and 4 of us on 1 queen air mattress with Cambry on a pile of sleeping bags at our feet. Colton wanted to sleep on top of me while giving me mouth kisses. Then he and Lainey tossed and turned all night. Air mattresses remind me of water beds. When one moves, everyone moves. Maybe we should rethink our sleeping situation next time and invest in a bigger tent.

But it was still so much fun and we will definitely do it again. There were lots of kids there running around playing together, they rode scooters, we roasted s'mores, took turns in the hammock, went on a little hike, and had fun catching up with friends.

Colton has so many words. He loves to label things he sees. He calls all vehicles tractors. He is super affectionate, and like Cambry, he hates to have dirty hands.

Lainey is talking a lot in short phrases. She loves to say "come on Colton" while grabbing his hand and likes to say "yaaaay" when she gets excited. She also does a really cute fake cry/fuss when she is pretending like a doll is crying. She loves the 5 little monkeys song and tries to sing it a lot. She likes to be a big sister to Colton by helping him and feeding him. They play together a lot. And they love to copy each other. Especially when it involves something mischievous. She is starting gymnastics this week doing private lessons with a coach. I think she is really going to like it and it will be a great supplement to physical therapy. Plus she is the cutest ever in a leotard.

I am looking forward to Easter weekend and then we have a trip to Phoenix coming up soon that I am super excited about!

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