Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

We had such a fun Memorial Day weekend! We are getting to know friends here in the Woodlands and it is nice to get together with them and their families.

After Greg got home from work on Friday we took the kids to the splash pad. Greg and I were texting back and forth as he was getting ready to leave work and I was getting the kids ready for the splash pad. I sent him this simple list of how to get kids ready to go.

1) Administer snacks
2) Put on swimsuits
3) Apply sunscreen
4) Pack towels, swim diapers, toys, etc.
5) Check current diapers
6) Pack sippy cups
7) Put on water shoes
8) Repeat step 1 if you took too long on steps 2-7

See? So easy.

Anyway, they had a great time. While we were there our neighbors invited us to meet them for dinner. So after we headed home and did a quick change we met them for pizza. The restaurant has a nice outside area for the kids to play which makes family dinner outings possible.

Saturday we spent a lot of time outdoors and running a few errands. Sunday we went to church and then after naps we tried out another pool. This time Lainey really liked it! Colton was still scared and wanted to koala bear me the whole time.

Monday we ran an errand in the morning and then one of the families in our small group hosted a BBQ. The storms held off and it wasn't too hot outside. The kids had fun playing together outside. Cambry loved the swings and Lainey loved the sprinkler and the sandbox.

I'm thankful for the freedom we have in this country due to the sacrifices of so many brave men and women. And I'm thankful for the new friends God has brought into our lives here.

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