Sunday, October 15, 2017

Lake Tahoe, Party of 2

Greg and I got a chance to go on a vacation to Lake Tahoe, just the 2 of us! Greg's family was so gracious to take care of our kids for several days while we were away. The kids had been counting down the days to go to Waco. They had an absolute blast and weren't even excited when we came back. They were ready to stay longer!

I was worried it would be way too cold for this Texas gal, but the weather was beautiful. Layering was key. The mornings were very cold but by the afternoon it was quite warm. There are so many beautiful hiking trails. We did several of them while we were there. The view of the mountains and the lake and all the trees is just amazing.

Our favorite part of the trip was horseback riding. I think the last time I rode a horse was probably when I was a kid or teenager. It was really neat and of course the scenery was beautiful. We also got to see a bunch of deer on our ride.

Our next favorite thing was renting bicycles and riding along the pretty trails. I can't even remember the last time I rode a bike, but after a few minutes it felt totally comfortable.

After we returned our bikes we were driving back to the hotel and stopped by the Baked Bear. Best decision ever. They sell custom ice cream cookie sandwiches. You pick your cookies and ice-cream. Wow. Someone please open one of these in the Woodlands.

We walked around a cute little town called Truckee one day. We had lunch and did some shopping. They were having wine festival that day so it was quite crowded but still a fun time.

Our hotel was great and had a pool and a hot tub. We enjoyed relaxing in the hot tub one night even though getting out in the cold was pretty brutal. But we followed it up with s'mores by the fire pit so that made it better.

We had such a wonderful and peaceful trip. Thanks Matterns and Bryants!!

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