Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baby Bump - 18 Weeks

So it seems all my posts recently are just weekly pregnancy updates. But I know if I don’t write it down I will forget what it was like at each stage along the way. I also think it will be fun to read these for future pregnancies to compare and be reminded of what it was like. These details might be boring to everyone else, but I think it is fun to have it documented. And maybe I am just weird but I really like reading other people’s pregnancy updates (even long before I was pregnant). God made pregnancy so fascinating – it is such a miracle!

At 18 weeks I am…

- Having a love/hate relationship with belly bands. It is a great invention, and has saved me from buying any maternity pants so far. However, my belly is tired of being restricted. It wants to be free. As soon as I get home from work I take off the band. Freedom. Also, the band gets bunchy and moves around and scrunches up my pants strangely in the back. Ugh, First World problems (funny youtube video). Life is so rough.

- Wearing mostly maternity shirts now. Regular shirts now look semi-hideous on me. Either too short, or if they are the loose flowy type they just make me look like a blob. Have they ever made a What Not To Wear maternity edition? I am sure everyone violates fashion rules throughout pregnancy, but it would be funny. Some maternity shirts I see I just think – WHOA NO. There is no way that could be a good look. On anyone. Ever.

- So excited that I felt the baby kick this past week! It took a number of days of me second guessing myself (is that just digestion?), but I finally think it is really the baby. I have felt it every day since.

- Snacking a lot. My morning snacks include: granola bar, hard-boiled egg, fruit, chips (which are supposed to be saved for lunch). My afternoon snacks include: string cheese, more fruit, almonds, jello pudding, and anything else I can find at my desk or in the break room. My after dinner snack is either a bowl of cereal, or a homemade smoothie, or ice cream.

- Sleeping great. Obviously sleeping is one of my strengths. Anytime, anywhere. I am very thankful that I am continuing to feel comfortable and sleep well at night.

- So excited to find out the gender!! Still no girl name. I have sort of given up on our deadline since there is a 50% chance we won’t need a girl name.

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Sarah said...

Hey Jana, I don't know if you remember me from A&M/ HFBC; I found your blog through Abby E.'s blog. As a fellow pregnant lady (23 weeks, 4 days today), I'll pass on the advice that my OB gave me when I was trying to use the belly bands -- you WILL need the maternity pants during the pregnancy, so just go ahead and buy them! It was SO much more comfortable to me since I'm carrying the baby ALL up front (my husband, Scott, says that you can't tell I'm pregnant from behind). I was getting pretty uncomfortable trying to wear my regular pants even though I lost about 6 pounds due to persistent morning sickness, but the maternity pants helped so much!

Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy! :)