Thursday, June 30, 2011

Baby Bump - 16 & 17 Weeks

Well there seems to be another big jump in size this past week.

At 17 weeks I am…

- Wearing belly bands with all my pants (except in the picture...didn't bother with it).

- Thankful that my morning (all day) sickness has mostly gone away. Although the past couple nights my stomach has felt pretty uneasy at night. Sometimes it will feel like that during the day too. However, overall it is so much better.

- Not having any particular cravings. Although I have been wanting some Cake Batter Ice Cream. Too bad there are no Cold Stones near me!

- Still tired. I think this is just probably here to stay.

- Not able to decide on a girl name! Greg and I have a boy name picked out, but we don’t have a girl name. I read through the whole girl section of the name book Jill let me borrow. That is about 50,000 names! Um, what is wrong with me that out of 50,000 names I could not find one I like?? Well there are lots that I like, but I didn’t want to choose a name that is too popular. But I guess any name you choose could end up being one of the top names in the next few years so you never know. I have given us a deadline of our next ultrasound (when we find out the gender) to decide on a name. That is only 2 weeks away!! Although Greg is ignoring my deadline and refers to it only as a goal.

- Anxious to feel the baby kick! I can’t wait until I can feel it move. Sometimes I poke it to try to provoke it to kick back. So far, no results.

- Feeling overwhelmed by all the options for baby gear. What kind of stroller to get - Snap-n-go, travel system, umbrella, jogging? I remember Greg and I having a hard time registering for wedding gifts. We would research things like Calphalon pots and pans and knife sets. Baby stuff seems even harder.


Lesley said...

If you can't decide on a name, don't rush it! I had a lot of names picked out for a hypothetical child, and once we actually knew we were having a boy, that TOTALLY changed. We didn't end up finalizing Ezra's name until after he was born. Oh, and I'd like to suggest Check it out.

I made a list of "essential" baby stuff for a friend, with brand recommendations etc. before she registered. If you would like a copy I'd be glad to email it to you. But I know you have lots of friends and family members with babies and you're getting lots of advice, so I totally understand if you're not interested. :)

Lauren said...

You are really starting to look preggo!!! I felt the baby move at 17 weeks, sooo start paying attention!

Abby said...

One of the best things my sister in law told me when I was registering was, GET A Snap N Go!! She was right :) when the baby falls asleep in the car, you can transfer them so much more easily without waking them up when you keep them in thier seat :). Vs a travel system, they are way more lightweight, smaller and considerably easier to maneuver... Hope it helps! Oh, and we got a good umbrella stroller that is still my favorite from Macleren.

When I registered, I used the book Baby Bargains that tells you what is and isn't necessary, includes reviews of tons of crib makers, car seats, strollers, even bedding brands. It tells you where to spend money and where/how to save it.... Highly recommend, Greg would have a field day :) it also includes sample registries as guides :)

Liz Dammel said...

hi jana!

i haven't talked to you in forever, but i thought i would chime in too. i would highly recomend the snap n go too, for reasons already stated, BUT then you can continue to figure out what you guys really want in a stroller once the baby is here.

also, i would recomend borrowing, if possible, some baby gear (swing, bouncer) b/c some babies will like certain things and won't like, again you can kinda try out what may work for your baby w/out the investment in tons of baby gear. :)

ps -- congrats!


Shevawn said...

Jana, you look precious! Love that tiny bump!
Here is my blog post of my must haves. Feel free to look at it, if you want. It helped a lot of friends out. It is overwhelming. Let me tell you, and you really need is a place to change the baby, some diapers, a few onesies, and a place for the baby to sleep. Ha!

Here the link:

Jana said...

Awesome list Shevawn, thanks! I will definitely have to spend time going through all those things and checking out the links. Very helpful!

And thanks Liz and Abby! Good to know you guys like the snap-n-go. We have started searching for them on craigslist to see if there are any good deals.

Lesley - not sure if you checked it - but I had commented on your blog wand would love to have that list! My email is Thanks!