Monday, September 19, 2011

Growing Baby

It has been a few weeks so I feel like I have a lot to catch up on. I’ll start with the belly pics from the last 2 weeks. And it is almost time to take another because on Wednesday I'll be 29 weeks. Baby girl is growing.

This past weekend we went to Waco to visit Greg’s family. Jill was so sweet and gave us a TON of baby girl clothes to borrow. I am so excited! And of course they are all so adorable because Hollyn always has the cutest clothes. We are so grateful for those – what a blessing.

We also did some major shopping. Jill took me to this huge consignment sale that only goes on a couple times a year. It is put on by Just Between Friends. Apparently they have these in Houston and other cities too, I just didn’t know about them. It is just for children/baby stuff. There was SO much stuff there. I ended up getting some good deals on some baby gear including a Baby Bjorn carrier for $23 and some Dr. Browns bottles 3 for $2. We also went to another consignment shop and I got a few maternity clothes and a super cute newborn gown. I found a pair of maternity jeans (that are long enough!) for $12! Now I can stop wearing the belly band with my jeans or using the classy ponytail-holder-looped-through-the-button method – woo hoo.

We have made a bit more progress on the nursery. We picked up the dresser that was painted by Jannet. She did such a good job – I love how it turned out. I was going to change out the hardware but I actually think it looks great as is.

I found the cutest drawer liner at Michaels in the sale bins that I put in this weekend. I plan to start washing all the baby clothes we have so far and put some of the things like sleepers/gowns in the drawers. I can’t believe it is time to do that already. That makes it seem like a baby is actually coming!!

I finally finished my alphabet art project. I am so excited to have finished it. Sometimes I start projects and don’t finish them if I don’t like how they are turning out. Greg can confirm this. But I am glad that this one is complete and now I can move on to my next project…the crib mobile!

I was originally just going to buy a crib mobile from Etsy. Something like the butterfly mobile I posted a while back. But then I found this one. I just love it. I think it is so sweet and pretty. However it is more than I want to pay for a mobile. So I have decided to make it myself. I am a little nervous because the one on Etsy looks so good – not “homemade” looking. After buying all the supplies I can see why the Etsy seller charges so much – I actually think that is a fair price. The nice looking floral stems are expensive, even on 50% off weeks. Also, pearl stands and fake crystals are kinda pricey too. Anyway, making it myself will still be much cheaper than buying it, and it will be fun to do. Now I just need to find a little free time to work on it…

Here is one of the pictures of the mobile from the Etsy seller. I am going to do it in shades of pink since purple didn't look as good when I held it up to the bedding fabric.


Anonymous said...

I love all of your projects! The nursery is adorable! Can't wait for Baby Mattern to get here!!

Chelsi said...

WOW! You should start selling those alphabet boards on Etsy! GREAT JOB!!!!

I laughed when I read the pony tail holder part - totally did that too. Heck, I think I've even done it in the past year ;)

She's definitely growing! You look beautiful!!!

Jill said...

LOVE that ABC canvas!!! If I ever have another baby will you please make one for me?!! I can't wait to see all the finsihed projects! I had so much fun with y'all!