Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Any Day Now Cambry...

Well, still no baby.

Tomorrow will be 41 weeks - WHOA.

I had a doctor appointment yesterday and an ultrasound. Everything looked good - plenty of fluid and baby seemed to be doing well. She was so still at first, must have been sleeping. I couldn't believe it because usually she is so active at my appointments and she was even very active in the waiting room. Then when it was time for the ultrasound she decided to be super still. The doctor kept trying to wake her up because she wanted to observe her movement. Finally she used the beeping vibrating thing that startled her and she started to wake up. Then she got the hiccups. She gets them often but it was funny to actually see it on the ultrasound.

Estimated weight is 8lbs 8oz but the doctor said she thought she was smaller and the estimates aren't very accurate at this point. When the head is so low they can't get a good measurement of it and that is one of the factors in the weight calculation.

I had not made any progress at this appointment - still 2 cm.

So now we just wait.

If she doesn't come out by next Wednesday the 21st (42 weeks) they will induce.

I had been feeling really great until this week. Maybe it is just mentally knowing that I am overdue, but I am starting to feel pretty uncomfortable. My belly feels enormous, and it seems to be causing some back pain / pressure. Just standing and walking now are no longer very pleasant. I am not trying to complain (I am extremely thankful to have had such a wonderful pregnancy), I just want to keep record of how I feel throughout pregnancy so I can look back and remember. Also, I am wondering if she has dropped even lower because my bathroom trips have really increased in frequency.

Well, that is all I have for now. Come on baby!


Abby said...

Did you explain to her how a due date works? I hear that helps ;-)

Scrappy Mommy said...

She just wants you to have your OWN day with a couple days of cushion for your birthday celebration:) Praying she comes on her own and no induction is needed! Praying for you sweet sis and LOVE LOVE LOVE the name!

wearetheramseys said...

Try swallowing a calendar. Maybe then she'll get the idea. =)