Thursday, December 1, 2011

Baby Bump - 39 Weeks

Today is December 1st - WOW! I am 39 weeks and 1 day. I can't believe we are so close to her due date. I can't really tell if my belly is still growing. I feel like it has been at size enormous for a while now and it is getting hard to notice weekly changes. Either way, it won't be growing for much longer.

I am feeling really good. I always hear how miserable the end is, but it isn't really bad at all for me - which has been a huge blessing. I don't have any new/weird symptoms. I feel pretty comfortable most of the time even though people look at me and ask - "Are you as uncomfortable as you look??" Ha. Um, yes, I realize my stomach is defying gravity and sticking straight out 3 feet but it's really not that bad, I promise :)

I feel like I have done most of the things I wanted to do before baby comes. Of course there is always more to do - especially around Christmas time, but most of the important stuff is done.

I went to the doctor on Monday and had not made any progress. Still only 1.5 cm. Cambry seems to be comfy and cozy in there. I will get another ultrasound if I go past my due date. I am eager to see what they estimate her weight at that ultrasound.

She is still quite wiggly. I can feel so many body parts moving across my belly, but I still can't tell what they are. I think mostly knees and feet.

It seems strange that at any moment the whole labor process could begin. I feel so normal (relatively speaking), that it doesn't seem possible that I could feel this way one day and be in labor the next. But I know it could be any day now and that makes each day exciting. I feel bad every time we call a family member because they are always hoping it is "the call" - haha.

Well, that is all for now. Can't wait to meet you Cambry!


Abby said...

Haha, yeah it's hard to call people at this point in the pregnancy without them being at least a little disappointed when they find out you aren't in labor :). Good luck! You're going to do great!!

Anonymous said...

Yay, can't wait to meet Miss Cambry! I know, when we were close to Matthew's due date, we had to start every phone conversation with "No, I'm not in labor!" Haha! I had forgotten about that!

Lynn Cooper said...

Wow Jana, I can't believe you're so close! What an exciting special time. And I went ahead and drank a Dr. Pepper before my ultrasound this week like you said just in case and it was probably good because at first the umbilical cord was in the way and then HE moved around more so we could see!

Shevawn said...

You are so adorable! Praying for a safe and speedy delivery for your sweet girl soon!

donna baker said...

Jana, you look beautiful!! Hope to meet Cambry soon!! I am sure GiGi will call...