Monday, August 6, 2012

Play Room



The room is finally done! Well, mostly done. We still want to make a busy board and we need to get something to cover the cords coming from the TV, but other than that things are done.

Oh, and we need to get rid of that lamp back there. Any takers? $5?

After hours and hours of trying to prime, paint, and polish the old bookshelf, we finally gave up and went to Ikea. Let's just say me and furniture painting don't get along. Hopefully this will be a lesson to me to not attempt this again! There are plenty of crafty things I enjoy doing but furniture is not on my list. I will stick to paying someone in the future. I wish Chelsi lived in Houston :) She is great with the furniture makeovers. So all of you Dallas folks can get her to redo your furniture and make it beautiful. I did use this lady in Houston to paint the dresser in Cambry's nursery which I thought turned out great. Anyway, moving on.

It is hard to tell in the picture, but there is a brick wall on the left. That used to be the back of the house before this room was added on (not by us).

I didn't end up doing ledges for books. I bought some ledges...probably should return them. I didn't think about it but since we have paneling, I don't really want to leave a huge hole in the wall from screws. We actually hung the pictures on the couch wall using Command strips that are kind of like velcro - so cool!

Sometimes I leave the back door open (with the glass door still shut) so Cambry can look outside. 

We bought a tall baby gate so that when we need a safe area to contain Cambry we can use this room. She is really good at scooting/inch worming so I am glad we got it up.

Maybe I will put up some more stuff on some of the blank walls in the future, but for now we are just enjoying this as a great space for Cambry to play.

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