Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Men vs. Women

This is the difference between men and women.

Greg brings Cambry to the park in her footie pajamas.

I bring her to the park in matching shirt, hoodie, and bow.

But really, the girl has fun and looks cute either way!


palmtreemama said...

hehe this is so funny!! My husband is actually the one in our household who usually gets Alidia all dressed up, with accessories to match! ;) Sometimes if I dress her quickly, he will even say, "No no, that doesn't match."

PS - This is Fiona from Life Amongst The Palm Trees but name now shows up as palmtreemama due to recent switch of my blog to Wordpress

Lauren said...

those pictures are to die for! she is so stinkin cute

Jill said...

That is SOOOO true!!!! Scott does not care what Hollyn wears ever!

Jana said...

That is funny Fiona! Yes I saw he new blog although I have forgotten several times and gone to the old one, oops!