Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This year we spent Thanksgiving at my parent's house with family and friends. Both my sisters and their families were in town and also two sweet girls from our youth group spent the day with us.

I loved having such a big group. Growing up, Thanksgiving was usually spent with just the 4 of us. Most of our family lived out of state so holidays were usually small. It was nice, but I also always thought it would be fun to have really big family events. My sister and I used to say that we would have 6 kids each so that our kids would get to have the big, fun, crazy, family events. Well, I can't say that I still want 6, but I do love big family events.

We played games, cooked food, entertained the babies, and just enjoyed each other's company most of the day. In the afternoon we had the big meal with so much yummy food. Then we went on a walk around the green belt to make room for dessert. There were a lot of other families outside walking so I guess we weren't the only ones with that idea. The weather was great for a little stroll.

My parent's house was decorated beautifully for Christmas, and of course my mom always sets such a beautiful table. One day I need to just go to their house and take a million pictures of every detail and pin them all so I can look through them when I need some decorating inspiration.

I have so much to be Thankful for. Jesus my Savior, my wonderful husband, adorable daughter, loving family, health, great home, freedom, our church, so many sweet friends, God's word, so many great Christian resources easily accessible, getting to be a stay at home mom, kind neighbors, our Bible Study group, Greg's job, and so much more. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Fiona said...

So many beautiful photos!! It looks like you had such a nice Thanksgiving! :) Wow, I love your mom's table setting. Beautiful!