Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Busy December

Well December has been busy busy! I feel like we have been going non stop for weeks! It is not about to slow down either. But we have been having lots of fun.

We have had a number of Christmas parties - friends, co-workers, Greg's company party, our Sunday school class party, and tonight our youth leader party.

We took D and little D to Zoo lights this past weekend and it was really neat. Little D especially adores Cambry and is so good with her. He carried her in the Bjorn part of the time and you should have seen her - she was loving it!!

Lately I have been busy getting ready for Cambry's first birthday party and trying to do Christmas shopping. Cambry is a great little shopping buddy. When we go to the Galleria we stop so she can play in the Little Galleria play area.

This week Cambry had the strangest crying fit. She woke up 30 minutes into her afternoon nap crying hard. I went in after a few minutes to comfort her. She would not calm down. She was crying like crazy, thrashing around with her eyes closed. I rocked her and tried to comfort her but nothing helped. I thought she was having a night terror because she was completely inconsolable and seemed out of it. This went on for almost 2 1/2 hours! She has NEVER done anything like that and has never been inconsolable. It was crazy and scary. She finally calmed down, and was fine the rest of the night. We debated taking her to the after-hours clinic but ended up just talking to a nurse. The next morning she woke up with a fever so I took her in to see the doctor and turns out she had an ear infection. Poor little thing. She is on antibiotics and Motrin and doing great now. Back to helping me with chores - laundry and cleaning out the fridge.

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palmtreemama said...

Love all of these photos... sounds like a fun, busy month... other than that darn ear infection!! :( Poor thing. Glad she is doing better now. I have many photos of Alidia almost exactly the same as the one of Cambry at the fridge! She is so drawn to it whenever she hears it open!! :)

- Fiona