Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cambry's 1st Birthday Party

We had Cambry's 1st birthday party at our house this past weekend. We had a family party, plus just a couple of friends that are pretty much family. I wish we could have had all of Cambry's little friends and their parents celebrate with us, but just with family alone our house is packed full. We are blessed with such a great, big, family.

Greg asked me what the theme was for the party. I said Pinterest, ha! Really there was no specific theme, but I think I got almost every idea from Pinterest.

I found a picture of a cupcake cake on Pinterest and pretty much copied it exactly for Cambry's smash cake.

I love these ribbon garlands that are everywhere on Pinterest and so easy to make.

Cambry's monthly photos.

Lindsay made this adorable banner for Cambry.

Cambry enjoyed eating some birthday lunch.

Then we sang Happy Birthday to the birthday girl.

I'm not exactly sure what happened, but suddenly things went downhill quickly. 

It's my party and I can cry if I want to.

But she quickly recovered and enjoyed the rest of the party. Lindsay let us borrow these balls and it was a big hit. Hayes was so funny lounging in them.

I absolutely love Cambry's birthday dress. I ordered it on Etsy from this shop. This lady makes the most darling things. She lives in Houston too. 

Nana and Cambry.

Cousin Connie and the twins.

PaDad and Gigi.

Aunt Lauren and Uncle Cody.

Uncle Jamo and Aunt Mel Mel.

Nana and Pops.

The guys had fun playing bean bag toss in the back yard.

Gigi and my BFF Lindsay of 23 years! Wow, that makes us seem old!

Sweet little Cayden.

I realized the other day that Liz and I have been friends for 12 years. We met on the first day at A&M. Wow, time flies!

Thomas and Lindsay are the directors of the middle school class and do such an awesome job. Their baby girl is due in just a couple weeks and we are so excited for them!

We had such a fun time celebrating Cambry and are thankful for so many people that love her. Happy 1st birthday to our sweet sweet girl.

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Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful party for such a beautiful girl!!! Love all of the decorations! Can't believe your little girl is one. That year flew by. She is looking as adorable as ever.