Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dressing up Little Girls

We are so blessed to have so many adorable hand me downs for Cambry. Jill has let us borrow tons and tons of clothes, so I very rarely have to buy anything. And Hollyn has the cutest clothes so it is all such nice stuff! I am so thankful for that. If I do buy something, it is usually some kind of staple that she needs like a pair of leggings, or shorts, or shoes, etc. But of course with girls clothes there are so many cute things out there it is tempting to splurge on something cutesie. So I decided I would have a tradition of buying Cambry a really cute birthday dress each year. And I will do this with little sis too. Hopefully they will even enjoy the tradition when they are teenagers and we can go shopping for a dress together.

This was Cambry's dress from her 1st birthday. I ordered it from this Etsy shop. I love this dress and she still gets a lot of wear out of it. These knot dresses are great because they can grow with them. And you can put leggings and a white long/short sleeve shirt under this for cooler weather. I still think she will be able to fit into this dress for quite a while.

I just bought her this dress for her 2nd birthday. It is from SweetHoney. This is also a knot dress but the knots are in the back. So hopefully this will fit her for a good while too. Her birthday is not until December but I wanted her to have a cute dress that she could also wear in some newborn sibling pictures so I went ahead and bought it now. It is a little big but she will grow into it.

I have yet to buy any clothes for baby #2. We don't really need any, so I am trying not to just spend excess money. Although I have been searching Etsy for a cute headband and bloomers that she can wear for newborn pictures. Speaking of newborn pictures, that is something on my to-do list to get ready for. We are just going to take them ourselves again. I need to look around for a cute basket or some other prop to put the baby in. Also I will probably buy some fabric again to hang as the backdrop for some of the pictures. And I was thinking that the stenciled wall may make a good background as long as the lighting is good in that room. 

There are also so many cute matching outfits for sisters on Etsy. I definitely want to get some matching outfits but I will probably wait a while on that until little sis is a older...or at least past the infant stage. Oh how I love all these cute little girl clothes. Kinda makes me wish I knew how to sew!

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Fiona said...

Love her 2nd birthday dress!!! Beautiful! This makes me want to go dress shopping on Etsy! :)