Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mom Style: Stitch Fix

I decided to try out Stitch Fix. If you haven't heard of it, it is like an online personal stylist. You answer tons of questions about what kind of style you like, your size, etc. Then for $20 they send you 5 items they think you will like. You decide what you want to keep and mail the rest back in a pre-paid package. If you don't like anything then you are out $20. If you decide to buy 1 or more items then the $20 goes toward your purchase.

Since I have less time to shop for myself these days, I thought it would be fun just to try once. I was kind of skeptical about what they would send me. But actually it was pretty fun and the pieces they chose were not bad.

I thought it would be fun to look back on this in 10 years or so and see what kind of styles were in. This is one of the shirts they sent. I didn't like it on the hanger but I thought it was kind of ok once I put it on. I wasn't in love with it though so I didn't keep it.

I didn't really like this dress. Someone else could probably pull it off but I felt like the print was sort of old ladyish. And the dress was a bit short on me. 

I really liked this navy sweater. I know it is sort of a boring purchase but I liked it, it was a very flattering fit, and I figured hey I might as well get something instead of losing the $20. The necklace was also one of the items they sent. I loved the necklace but it was a lot more than I like to pay for jewelry. I like to buy cheap stuff. (The white tank top is mine)

I actually loved these light pink skinny jeans and they almost fit perfectly but they were a bit too tight. Maybe I can try to locate these elsewhere in a different size.

I thought it was neat how they sent a little card showing how I could style each piece they sent me.

So in summary, I thought this was really fun, but kind of pricey. It was definitely exciting getting my package and seeing what was inside. The pieces themselves were kind of pricey, but I understand that I am paying for the convenience and obviously they want to make money on this service. I would like to do this again, but I will probably wait a little while since I just did it. 

If anyone decides to do this you can use this link so I can get a referral credit.

Greg was giving me a hard time that it was a pyramid scheme. He thinks everything is a pyramid scheme, ha! It isn't actually one, but anyone can share their link with friends and get a $25 credit. So if I do end up getting any referral credit, I will probably do this again sooner than later! 

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