Friday, April 4, 2014

Things She Says

Some of the cute things Cambry has been doing or saying lately...

She loves looking through my makeup bag and pretending to use the makeup. Lately she will ask "just a tiny little powder?" I say ok, and then she says "on my cheek? On my nose? On my other cheek?"

That is not mascara in the last picture by the way, it is an eyebrow brush.

I'm pretty sure Cambry thinks that when Greg goes to work he spends all day looking for ladybugs. One day Greg told Cambry "Guess what, I saw a ladybug at work today". So now she will say "Daddy's at work. He's looking for ladybugs." Haha, Yep everyday he gets up before the sun comes up and spends all day looking for lady bugs.

Cambry likes to weigh herself on our scale. She will get on, look down and say "24 pounds!" Not sure where she came up with that number because she actually weighs about 31 pounds.

A couple times lately she has gone up to Lainey and said "I so proud of you Lainey".

I showed Cambry a picture of Greg and I and told her it was from before we were married. Then she said "Mommy and daddy and married and Joseph".

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Fiona said...

How adorable!! Toddlers really do say the cutest/funniest things! :)