Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dewberry Farms, Dress Up, and Family Reunion

A couple weeks ago we went with a group of friends to Dewberry Farms. This was our first visit and Cambry had a lot of fun. They have lots of rides and activities for the kids. Lainey was toted around in the Bjorn most of the time and she did great. I definitely want to go back again next year.

Cambry really likes dress up...when it involves others. She does like to dress up herself, but she also really likes to dress up her babies and her newest thing is dressing up Lainey. She asks if we can dress her up like Cinderella. Then she wants me to stand Lainey up so she can see how she looks. She also loves putting shoes and jewelry on her babies. She is really good at it and it cracks me up.

It is hard to tell but please note in the last picture how Minnie and baby doll both have on headbands and baby doll is wearing a bracelet. The bear's bracelet fell off on the chair. I did not touch or arrange any of these. It is all Cambry.

We went to the annual Mattern Family Reunion a couple weekends ago. It is so neat that how there are so many people there and new babies every year. I think there were about 16 great grand kids. Cambry caught her first fish and was very excited. Lainey was enjoying all that was going on around her and did not want to sleep. She finally fell asleep on Pops but was only out for a short time. She did not want to miss anything. Greg's cousin Brianna is a talented photographer and got some really great shots of everyone so maybe I can post those at some point too.

Up next - Halloween pics! The girls looked so cute so I will blog about that soon.

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