Monday, December 21, 2015

A Day In the Life : 12/15/2015

I documented my day last week although I am just now getting around to posting it. This was an exceptionally busy day!

12:05am Colton and I go to sleep. This is unusually late for him. I went to dinner with friends so I guess he missed me and wanted to hang out and make up for lost time.

3:00am Colton wakes up and eats.

4:45am Cambry comes in and says she needs to snuggle. Also unusual for her to wake up in the middle of the night. I am too tired to snuggle but thankfully Greg is getting up and takes her back to bed.

6:45am Colton eats and wakes for the day.

7:00am Cambry is up. She comes in my room saying there is a problem in her room. Problem = her covers are messed up.

7:20am Lainey is up. She loves to give Colton kisses. Usually on the mouth or eyeball.

7:45am Colton is back asleep and we sit down for breakfast. Cambry eats a bowl of oatmeal, 2 sausages, and applesauce. Breakfast seems to be her biggest meal of the day. Lainey eats oatmeal, 1 sausage, and most of a banana. I eat some of all of the above.

We scramble to get ready for school as usual. Colton is up now and dressed looking cute as always. After a brief emergency we find twilight sparkle and the shoes that Lainey had already taken off.

8:50am We head out the door to drop Cambry off at preschool. On nice days we walk since it is only 3 blocks away. And because we live in Texas that means it is nice most of December. We usually walk with 2 friends from the neighborhood that we intersect on the way. Colton rides in the Bjorn and the girls in the double stroller.

9:15am We are back home. I nurse Colton, he has a blowout, so I throw in a load of laundry, get a snack for Lainey and I, clean the dishes from breakfast, do a little "damage control" around the house, and prepare for our outing.

10:15am  We leave to run errands. I found out yesterday that Cambry's school is doing a gift exchange so I need to buy something and I need to go to Carters as well. Lainey falls asleep on the way. Colton was also asleep so I kept him in his car seat in the stroller and let Lainey be on foot. We went in a small toy store which was crowded and hard to maneuver the stroller and Lainey wanted EVERYTHING.  There were tears. But we pressed on and walked down to Carters where Lainey again wanted complete freedom and there were more tears. But we got what we needed!

11:30am We arrive back home, eat lunch, and I clean up kitchen.

1:15pm We are back home again after picking up Cambry from school. Lainey goes down for nap, while Cambry watches some tv and plays. Colton gives sweet baby smiles that melt my heart.

2:40pm We head to the doctor appointment for Colton's 2 month check up. Taking 3 kids to appointments is always interesting. I had to wake Lainey up from her nap to make it on time so she started out cranky and things did not exactly go uphill.

4:20pm We leave the doctor's office and head over to speech therapy. It doesn't start until 5pm but it is an awkward amount of time and not worth it to go home. Besides it would take approximately 30 minutes to unload and reload everyone into their car seats. Cambry fell asleep on the 7 minute drive between the doctor and therapy. It's like our family is narcoleptic in cars.

When Lainey starts her therapy we walk across the parking lot into Kroger. We pick up the cupcakes that we will take to school for Cambry's birthday the next day.

5:45pm We are back home from therapy and Daddy gets home soon after. Yay! We sit down for dinner and Colton gets some daddy time. Then the girls play and Greg gives them baths.

7:30pm We do our Advent devotional with the girls then kiss them and tuck them in bed.

I finish up a blog for HMB, shower, get things ready for the next day, relax, and go to sleep...until Colton is ready to be fed!

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