Thursday, January 14, 2016

Life with 3

Since Colton was born things have been busier, louder, more exhausting, and more fun. Having 3 littles is an exciting adventure. 

Yes it is crazy at times. 

It takes us 500 minutes to get ready to go anywhere. 

Sometimes I am wearing Colton while trying to pick Lainey up off the ground in public because she is having a limp-legs-2-year-old-fit and I am reminding Cambry STAY CLOSE WE ARE IN A PARKING LOT.

But I love having these sweet little ones. And I know it goes by so fast and this season will soon turn into a new season. So I am trying to cherish every moment. I need a lot of coffee right now and I cannot keep the house clean but somehow I still don't want these days to pass. 

Here is a collection of random thoughts from life right now:

Laundry has somehow increased exponentially. The hampers fill up in a couple days. And the dishwasher fills up super fast too. I'm not even sure why, since Colton doesn't contribute any dirty dishes except the occasional bottle.

Greg and I can only to talk to each other in 8 second blocks of time. Beyond that, Cambry is telling a continuous story or Colton is fussing or Lainey needs something. Any conversation that requires concentration or consideration has to wait till the kids go to bed.

Fact: If a raisin goes through the washing machine it will come out completely unchanged. Well, maybe cleaner. 

When I am getting everyone ready in the morning for preschool drop off it's like a tornado is touching down on our house. When we get back home there is stuff everywhere. Toys are in every room of the house. The pan with crusted scrambled eggs along with all the other breakfast dishes are filling up the sink. Pajamas are strewn everywhere. No one is allowed to see our house at 9:15 am.

I feel like I am hungry, thirsty, and have to pee at all times.

When I am at a store with all 3 I always hear "you've got your hands full!".

There is much more affection around here. The girls need more affection from us and they like to give a lot more affection now too. Especially to Colton. Lainey gives him SO many kisses. Usually she goes directly for the mouth. "Give him a little space please" is a common phrase around here. And sometimes when I nurse Colton the other 2 are drawn to us so it's 4 of us on one couch cushion. 

The more kids you have the greater the chances of someone waking up in the middle of the night.

People are like - "So is Colton on a schedule yet?" And I am like "Yeah. He gets interrupted from whatever he is doing promptly at 8:50 am and 12:50 pm for school drop off/pickup, and for all the other errands and appointments we attend. Other than that he is on a strict time table of eating, playing, and sleeping whenever he wants. See? Schedule."

Why can't someone in the human race invent a baby video monitor that works?

I'm too tired to think of anything else and I need to dry my hair and get a snack and go to bed so I can wake up and nurse little man. Goodnight!

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Amy Martin said...

A-MEN on the working video monitor!!!! We are on approximately our 4,576th one. :c)