Friday, June 24, 2016

Colton 8 Months

Size: According to our scale at home you weigh about 18.2 lbs. You still seem very tall since you are in 12 month sleepers. Most of your other clothes are around 9 months.

Eat: You nurse about every 3 hours during the day. You are very easily distracted so I try to nurse you in another room when I can, but it is not easy to sneak away from your sisters. You still have not expanded your palate beyond milk. You do not eat any baby food. We try occasionally, and you make a face that is a mixture of offense and disgust. Then you no longer open your mouth for more. So, uh, yeah. Not sure what to do about that. Update: You like sucking on watermelon in your mesh feeder. That's a start!  

Sleep: You are a great sleeper. You go down for naps and night time on your own with no crying and you almost always sleep through the night. You are completely addicted to your lovie. You lost interest in your paci but you basically use your lovie as a paci because you find the corners and suck on them. You usually take 2 naps a day (9am and 2pm approximately), but occasionally you still need that third cat nap in the evening.

Likes/Dislikes: You love to be held. You want to be around someone at all times. You love to watch Cambry dance and run around. Lainey's love is still a little overwhelming to you. Her hugs are like headlocks. You like baths, especially now that you are getting good at sitting up and can take them together with the girls. You want to grab everything in sight. You love to be tickled, and "thrown" in the air.

Skills: Your sitting has really improved. Although I still don't leave you unattended while sitting (since you will eventually topple straight back), you can sit for a long time. You push up on your arms a lot and just now you figured out how to get into plank position and all fours. You are starting to scoot a little too. Sometimes you scoot backward instead of forward, but you are trying hard.

Your two top teeth have popped through so your tooth count is up to 4! Your shaggy hair is just the cutest. Although Daddy is ready for me to cut your side "wings". But I told him you were just going for this look. Anyone else seeing the resemblance here?

Maybe we'll trim them up this week.

Love you Colton Brooks!

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