Monday, July 18, 2016

July Catch Up

I hate getting so behind on my blog! My last post was Colton's 8 month update and it's about time to write his 9 month update! So much has been going on around here.

First of all, we have been making preparations to move to the Woodlands. We are doing some remodeling to our house up there so there have been a lot of meetings and research. Way too many decisions for 2 indecisive people. What do you mean what kind of baseboards do we want? There are more than 1 kind?? First world problems, I know.

We have also been getting our house ready to sell. We de-cluttered, packed things away, and put it on the market right before we left for vacation. Even though I think this will be a good move for our family, it makes me sad to sell our house.

For the last 2 weeks we have been on vacation. It was such a nice long break from the norm. Both our families planned wonderful vacations that just happened to be back to back. It actually turned out to be the best thing as it allowed us to be gone while our house showed, and we really only had to pack once. We came home for 1 day in between and washed all the clothes then put them right back in our suitcases.

The week before we left on vacation Cambry attended VBS at the church of her preschool. She had a blast and got to see several of the kids from her class. They gave out a CD of the VBS songs and Cambry has been singing them ever since. They also had an open house at the end that Greg took her to where they performed some of the songs. I am going to miss that church/preschool and the fact that it is walking distance!

Our good friends, the Gentrys, moved a couple weeks ago. We have been in small group with them since we were newlyweds. I can barely remember those days when we were all young and wrinkle free and kid-less. We have been through a lot of pregnancies, vacations, holidays, and weekly bible studies with our small group. We will miss them tons, as well as all the couples in the group since we are moving too! Our group had a going away party for the Gentrys right before they left and it was bittersweet. We are lucky to have been part of such a great group for so many years. There were 16 kids there and that didn't include the Attaway boys. Daaaaang that's a lotta kidz. And clearly this is the best picture we could get.

This week it's back to reality after our double vacation-athon. I will be working on those blog posts soon with way too many kid pictures because there was cuteness overload. And I still need to do a 4.5 year post for Cambry and then a 9 month post for Colton. Stay tuned!

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