Sunday, July 31, 2016

Grosse Family Beach Vacation

This year our annual Grosse family beach vacation was to Galveston. We stayed in a beach house with my parents and my sister's family. We really missed Ashley this year though! It is always fun to be back at the beach and reminds me so much of my childhood and all the summers we spent building sandcastles, collecting shells, and riding boogie boards. I love seeing the kids enjoy the beach more and more each year.

We were very excited to see the Kimmels because we hadn't met each other's babies yet. It was so fun getting the almost-twins together. Please notice Colton's hand on Wesley's shoulder and Wesley's hand on Colton's leg. Cousin love.

We really got lucky because the beach was awesome. The weather was great all week and there was NO SEAWEED. That is a huge deal. We have experienced mountains of seaweed in past years so having a clean beach was wonderful. There were also no cars on the part of the beach where we stayed which is so nice with kids running around.

Most of our days looked like this: Wake up, cook breakfast, spend a couple hours lotioning up kids and packing snacks/water/towels/sand toys, then heading down to the beach. We would set up our 2 canopies and baby pool then hang out for a couple hours. The big kids went right to work digging in the sand and running in the water. Colton and Wesley would nap some and then play in the baby pool. Lainey did not like the water but she loved to roam around and play in the sand. She would get in the baby pool some too.

Have you ever seen more perfect ringlets? Lainey's beach hair is always amazing.

My dad set up some crab lines and the guys took turns going out there and catching them in nets. We didn't end up keeping them but the kids enjoyed seeing them when they brought the net in.

The picture on the left is Lauren and I last summer, and the one on the right is from this summer. What a difference a year makes! How amazing that those 2 little cousin babes were itty bitty in our bellies last time!

After beach time we would come back to the house and put Lainey and Colton down for nap and everyone would eat and relax. The cousins played really well together.

Each night after the kids went to bed we played games. Poker, minute to win it games (with fun prizes from my mom!), Pictionary, dominos, Pente. We kinda like games. Pictionary is my favorite to play with my family. It always ends up being hilarious with everyone's drawing techniques.

The guys went out fishing early one morning and caught our dinner for that night. The fish was very tasty! My dad made his famous seafood gumbo for a different meal, which we all enjoyed. Another day we drove over to the Strand and got ice cream at the same old fashioned ice cream shop we went to as kids. We thought we might walk around and look at other shops but it was 200 degrees outside and there were fits happening so we just headed back.

One evening we went on a beach walk after dinner as the sun set. It wasn't too hot at all and the water and sky were so pretty. It didn't even seem like Galveston!

We had a wonderful week spending time with family at the beach and are thankful for Gigi and Pa!

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