Sunday, August 20, 2017

End of Summer Review

Well, we finally pulled the trigger and bought a minivan! I think we all knew this day would come. We resisted for a long time. And honestly, I loved my Mitsubishi Outlander and did not want to give it up. It was a good car and fit 3 car seats across and had a built in changing table in the back. It was not technically created to be a diaper station, but the very back part of the car came down and made the perfect spot for a quick change on the go. Anyway, I was sad to let it go but I am very thankful for our minivan and I am enjoying the extra room and the new features. The kids love it a little too much, as they are always making a mad dash to the back as soon as I unbuckle them just to explore and climb and turn on lights. So then I am crawling all the way back there and trying to wrestle uncooperative children out of the car while breaking a sweat and trying not to be late to all the places. They also love the push button sliding doors as much as elevator buttons and are constantly pushing them. But I am glad they like it.

Here's me awkwardly standing by my old car

New van, woo hoo!

We did one more round of swim lessons at the Y for Cambry. It was just 4 days in a row but a good little bit of extra help for her. This time we did them in the evening so it was nice that we could all go as a family and let Colton and Lainey play in the baby pool.

I took the kids to the movies for the first time ever! They show $1 kid shows in the summer and they were playing Sing. We didn't get there early enough (who knew it would be so crowded at a 10am showing??) so we ended up 2nd row. But they didn't mind. Lainey insisted on sitting on my lap the whole time but they all did great and loved the movie. We will definitely have to take advantage of that more next summer.

Greg's parents came to visit us for a weekend. We tried out a delicious new restaurant, rode the trolley, and walked around a bit. They kids had so much fun with their Nana and Pops!

Our friends the Brandenbergers came to visit us with their cutie pie, Mallorie. The kids loved her and all wanted turns holding her. They are our best game friends and have introduced us to many fun board and card games. Even with all the kids we managed to get some game time in while they were here.

 We made a quick trip to College Station to see some of our old church friends that are now in different cities. I love that we can pick back up right where we left off. I took Cambry, along with the other moms and daughters to see a play there. It was a neat experience although the kids were getting a little antsy so we didn't end up staying the whole time. But they had just as much fun playing together back at the house and we loved catching up with old friends.

We also had a very fun day at a bounce place that my mom treated the kids to. We arrived shortly after they opened and there was hardly anyone there! It was so nice to let the kids play while it was so empty instead of doing constant head count checks in a sea of kids. I didn't get any pictures though.

We have been having some serious wardrobe drama going on lately. I'm sure you are thinking, umm, Cambry is 5. How are you going to handle it when she is 16? Legitimate question. I have no idea. But it's been an issue, to say the least. Although Cambry and I did have a fun girls shopping trip which included smoothies and CFA recently. I will be making a trip back to return the clothes soon since there was a change of heart, but at least it was fun while it lasted.

It think that wraps up our summer! Maybe if I blogged more often my posts wouldn't be so ridiculously long.

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