Monday, August 1, 2011

Baby Bump - 20 & 21 Weeks

Well I have gotten a little behind with the posting. Greg and I were at Rush week this past week. Rush week is the youth group's summer camp / mission trip combined. It was in Pensacola, Florida. We did service projects during the day and then lots of camp fun stuff at night. It was a lot of fun, but very exhausting! I had 7th (going into 8th) grade girls. The accommodations were so nice, and there were so many fun activities. The speakers all did a great job and I felt like God really moved in so many of the kids' lives. I am so glad I went! By the end of the week however, my feet swelled up nice and large :) I sort of had a panic attack - um is this what I am going to look like for the rest of pregnancy?? Thankfully my super fat feet have returned to normal and I now have ankles again. Let's hope it was just due to being on my feet for a week straight in the Florida heat.

At 21 1/2 weeks I am...

- Loving feeling baby girl kick! She kicks all the time. Greg can feel it and you can even see it from the outside. Her little kicks are so sweet. Although sometimes they do get a little crazy and I wonder what the heck she is doing in there.

- Feeling good. No nausea - thank you Lord! I have a bit more energy too.

- Getting comments from strangers now, which is fun.

- Having so much fun getting nursery ideas. There are endless possibilities, and so many cute nursery ideas online. I am having a hard time making decisions though. We did order a glider yesterday and had a piece of carpet made into a rug for the nursery. Now I need to decide on a crib. Isn't this butterfly mobile found here so sweet? I love Etsy.

- Still stumped on a name. Don't expect one anytime soon!


The Fleming's said...

OH my goodness, we need to do lunch soon because i need to see that belly in person!

Anonymous said...

You look SO beautiful!!! Wish we could do lunch...

Jill said...

I LOVE that mobile!!!! And you look so stinkin cute!