Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baby Bump - 22 and 23 Weeks

I don't have much time, but here is a super quick post!

Here are the latest baby bump pictures. Isn't it weird how clothes can make it look different? I think I look pretty much the same size both weeks but it can appear different shapes depending on what I wear.

At (1 day shy of) 23 weeks I am...

- Feeling baby girl kick like crazy. Sometimes I feel things that make me think WHAT THE HECK IS SHE DOING IN THERE??

- So thankful that she is measuring right on track. Praise the Lord! I am so thankful that she is growing as she should.

- Realizing how hard it is to register! Greg and I started registering last weekend. We were so indecisive. Every little thing took MAJOR consideration. Like, uh, which wipes are best? Does the cost of the crib mattress correlate to how much we love our child? Are we horrible if we go for a cheap one? Should we get gender neutral bibs in case we have a boy next? Which one of these 300 pacifiers will my baby like best? Why is my husband trying on the My Breast Friend and walking around the store?

- Ordering the crib tomorrow - YAY.

- Starting to actually think about the fact that we will have a baby in a few months. Even though it seems real that she is in my tummy, it does not seem real that she will be coming out in a few months. So weird.

- Not making any progress toward picking a name. Sorry.


Lynn Cooper said...

I saw you at church on Sunday and you look adorable! Glad everything is going smoothly so far!

Shevawn said...

Girl, you are too funny! I was the same way about our mattress and wipes too! We picked the mattress that wasn't the cheapest but wasn't the priciest, either. I think it was about $89. Our theory was that it would still be better than what kids sleep on in most parts of the world.

The only things I'll say about wipes is to get fragrance free and that the sensitive ones are great in the beginning but they aren't think enough a few months in. Good luck! You are just too cute, and that baby girl sure is lucky!

Shevawn said...

before I forget... I am about to get rid of a ton of baby girl clothes. My girls shared their clothes and they were November and January. If you are coming to Dallas, and would like any of them, let me know. :)

Jana said...

Shevawn you are so sweet! I am not sure when the next time I will be in Dallas...maybe October but that is a ways off. I don't want you to have to hang on to those til then. Thank you for the offer though and I guess if you happen to still have any by then maybe we can meet up!