Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Project Playroom

Project Playroom starts today!

We have a room in the back of our house that we currently do not use. Our house was built in the 1950's and this room was a later addition to the house by the previous owners. It is currently set up as a living room space, but since we spend most of our time in the front living room, this back space gets wasted.

This is what the space looks like now.

I think turning it into a playroom is a great way to utilize this space. As Cambry gets older and as hopefully God adds to our family we will need a kid friendly area. Cambry's room is pretty small and there is not much space to play around in our front living room either.

I am excited to take on a new project. I had so much fun decorating Cambry's nursery, and I think this will be really fun as well. It is more of a long term project, but I am ready to get started!

Here is a list of some of the things I want to do:

- Paint the bookcase white, turn it on its side and use it for toy storage
- Move the rug to a different room and buy a larger piece of carpet as a rug
- Sell the coffee table on Craigslist
- Make some colorful bunting to hang across the window

- Get some fun throw pillows for the couch
- Put up some book ledges

- Get a flat screen tv (we'll see about this one...we currently have 1 tv in the house and it is a big old box)
- Make a "busy board" and hang it on the brick wall.

We'll see how much of this actually happens, but so far that is what I am envisioning.

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