Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ten Tidbits

1. I tried to do a workout I found on Pinterest yesterday. I thought I was going to die so I had to stop after only making it through 1 complete cycle and barely starting the next. And I didn't even do things all they way. Wall squat for 1 minute? Definitely can't do that right now. I need to build up some endurance.

2. Cambry has started sleeping through the night! It is awesome! I can't say it is consistent quite yet, but she is getting better all the time. She goes to bed between 7 and 7:30 and will sleep til about 6 something. So nice!

3. I have made some progress on the playroom. I made some bunting, have some pictures that need to be hung, and we bought a piece of carpet for a rug. Painting the bookcase is slow going.

4. Cambry has 2 bottom teeth poking through!

5. Greg's parents and Jameson and Michelle came to stay with us last weekend. We ate at Cedar Creek, the guys played disc golf, we played washers, Greg grilled some delicious salmon, and we played loaded questions. Fun weekend!

6. I love that I can use Pinterest to save all my favorite recipes in one place. But what do you do when a good online recipe has no picture? I thought about putting it on my blog and taking a picture and then pinning that, but it is really hard to make food look really appetizing in a photograph. How does pioneer woman do it?

7. My friend Erin mentioned something on Facebook about a new show Revolution coming out in the fall. I watched the previews and am kind of excited about it. Looks like a cross between Lost and Book of Eli. And I like JJ Abrams. How can you not like the one who did Felicity?

8. A stranger came up to me recently when I was wearing Cambry in the Bjorn and complimented her cuteness and chunkiness. Then proceeded to ask me all kinds of detailed questions about how I got her so chunky - BF? How often? Solids? Your diet? Vegetarian? Then she asked if she could pinch her thighs and referred to them as drumsticks, ha! I thought it was sweet and of course let her have a squeeze :)

9. Speaking of strangers, I get told all the time how Cambry will grow up before I know it. Or she will be running around before I know it. Or, watch out, before you know it they are 8 years old! I know this is all true and people mean well, but it makes me sad! I AM enjoying every minute of her, but just let her be a little baby now and don't remind me that she will be going off to college soon or I may just start to cry in the middle of Kroger.

10. And speaking of Kroger, I go there all the time. I always seem to need something. I mostly blame bananas. They have a ridiculously small window of edible goodness. Good thing Cambry likes to shop. She will just ham it up for all the other shoppers.


Elizabeth said...

I'm going to try this workout... sounds challenging! Also, I just put my blog out there. Been journaling in it for awhile, was just always afraid to tell anyone about it LOL I love keeping up with you on here. Cambry reminds me so much of Laila and all the things you are going through. Especially since we are about a half a year ahead of you :)

Erin said...

haha, love it! seriously hoping great things for this show...i've been so bored since LOST. i'm still holding out for them bringing it back somehow...another parallel universe discovery? :) and felicity seriously was one of the best ever.

Liz said...

No kidding about #9! It makes me sad to think about Matthew growing up too! We definitely just gotta enjoy every moment!