Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baby Wearing

I love baby wearing. I have 2 different Baby Bjorns that I bought used. I just bought the second one recently because it has better back support than the original design. I also have a Maya wrap that I use on occasion which allows me to wear Cambry on my hip.

Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling in Olive

I love my sister's Ergo carrier and would love one of those for a future baby.

I would also love to try out the Moby wrap on a future baby. I see so many people using those for their newborns and they look so nice and cozy for a baby.

I know soon Cambry will get too heavy to wear but I sure am enjoying it now.

We had fun going on a walk on the beach wearing the babies.

We thought we could do a quick walk before the storm came in, but we were wrong. We had gone down the beach a ways and had just started to turn back when the rain came. Hard.

We all started running for the house. Greg was wearing Cambry at that point. We couldn't really run fast with babies. It was kind of like the Napoleon Dynamite run where you keep your upper body and arms in place and just run with your legs. I'm sure we all looked awesome. The babies didn't even seem to mind. Kyler was on Cody's back and he was having the time of his life. He was laughing the whole way home bouncing all around in the rain.

Here are the boys wearing their babies in Galveston.

I love this picture! I think it totally looks like Greg is modeling for a Baby Bjorn ad. Love those two!

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Lynn Cooper said...

I love baby wearing too! Its my favorite way to shop...esspecially in Target because it keeps me from buying any clothes because I can't try them on :).

I have the moby wrap too and wear it around the house when Caleb just won't take a nap. In about 10 minutes of me walking around the house cleaning or doing some other house stuff, he's asleep and for a good while.