Monday, June 11, 2012

Watch Your Words

I have caught myself a couple of times recently saying negative things about myself (appearance) to Cambry as I talk to her throughout the day. I will say something like "Mommy's legs are so pale white, she needs to do something about that!" or "Mommy needs to work out because she has no muscles", or "Mommy has to use the chi because her hair is looking crazy". I immediately realized this is a habit I need to break soon because I don't want to teach her to be unhappy with the way she looks. It is so eye opening all the things you realize you need to change once you have a child. But God is gracious in pointing things out to me. I want to work on setting good habits before she is old enough to understand what I am saying. I don't want to teach her to complain.

I want her to know she is beautiful just the way God made her.

I love my pretty girl!


Scrappy Mommy said...

Sweet sis! You are doing such a great job! I know exactly what you mean. I thought about this so much before the girls were born and even so it's SO easy to fall into the trap of being critical of myself. So thankful for you and you are such a wonderful mommy to Cambry!

Elizabeth said...

Great words of advice Jana! I remind myself of the same things constantly. I catch Laila already mimicking me, putting on necklaces, looking in the mirror, brushing her hair. Must be a girl thing :)

joan said...

So very true!