Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Sometimes Greg and I can be a little cheap. Now, I am not saying we are always tight with money. There are probably plenty of areas where we splurge when other people are very frugal. I am just saying sometimes we are cheap and it is a little ridiculous. I have blogged about this in the past, but thought I would document a few recent cases.

Exhibit A: My Comb

It broke. Not today. Or yesterday. Or even last year. I have been using this comb in its current condition for years. I do not have plans to buy a new one. Also, I do not own a brush.

Next, my socks. My ankle socks are too small. Have been for years. They do not even stay on the back of my heel. It is incredibly irritating. I walk around the house with socks halfway off my feet. Once I looked at the sock rack at Academy but thought, hmm... I can't decide, these socks seem kind of expensive. Then left.

Next up, paper towel usage. I can't remember the last time Greg used an entire paper towel. He tears off the exact square footage (square inch-age?) needed for the job at hand. I feel so ashamed when he sees me use an entire paper towel. Oh the extravagance.

Lastly, here is a typical food related conversation.

Greg: I'll have a burger please. With cheese.
Cashier: That will be 15 cents extra.
Greg: Oh, never mind.


Liz Dammel said...

try Ross for inexpensive ankle socks!

Liz said...

LOL I love it! I always buy the "select a size" paper towels because I hate using regular sized sheets. =) Why use such a huge paper towel when half of that will get the job done? =)

Jana said...

Thanks Liz, I will have to check out Ross!