Sunday, September 16, 2012

Monthly Photos: Month 9

Our sweet baby is 9 months today! Wow, I can't believe she is so close to a year but at the same time it feels like it has been a long and wonderful 9 months. We love this little girl so much and her personality that comes out more each day.

By the way, it is getting very hard to get a picture of her on her back! She immediately rolls over and is all over the place.

Size: Length - 28.75 in. (87%), Weight - 20 lb. 3 oz. (74%), Head - 17.76 in. (81%). She can wear some 6-12 and some 12-18 month clothes. Size 3 disposable diaper.

Likes: Army crawling everywhere, opening the lazy susan cabinet and pulling out all the tupperware, going on walks, story time at the library, still putting everything in her mouth, peekaboo, dogs and little kids.

 Dislikes: Bottles, and she sometimes cries when we drop her off at child care at church.

Working on: Crawling - she army crawls everywhere but doesn't stay up on her hands and knees. She pulls up and stands in her crib all the time now but hasn't pulled up anywhere else. Working on teaching her signs for "milk" and "all done". She does the milk sign with her hands all the time, not just when she is hungry. But when I do the sign and say milk she gets super excited so I think she understands that. She seems like she is starting to understand "all done" but hasn't tried to do it herself. I need to start consistently showing her the "more" sign as well.

Eating: She is doing great at eating. She has been having some potty problems lately so I have been sticking to only fruits and veggies for now. Ok and a little cheese. The girl loves cheese. She eats applesauce, pear, plum, carrots, zucchini, strawberry, mango, avocado, sweet potato, butternut squash, peaches, and bananas. I need to work on more green veggies. Maybe we will try green beans or broccoli soon. I don't exactly have a set feeding schedule. I had been just sort of offering her baby food in between nursing times, but lately I have been trying to do more of a breakfast/lunch/dinner offering of baby food and then snacks in between. She usually nurses 7 times a day still but the past 2 days she only nursed 6 times a day so I am wondering if that is the new normal.

Sleeping: Her bedtime is between 7pm and 7:30pm, and she wakes up between 6am and 6:30am. She has actually done pretty well recently sleeping through the night. When she does wake up we try to get her back to sleep without feeding her to get her out of that habit. She normally takes 2 naps a day. The first one is 45 min - 1 hour and it could start around 8:30am or as late as 10am. Her second nap is 1-2 hours and is sometimes around 1:30pm or 2pm. Again, these times are approximate. Give or take 3 hours :)

Other things to note:

She still has 4 teeth.

Last month I said she doesn't let us rock her anymore, but that is not true anymore. It depends on her mood. But sometimes when she is really tired she will let you rock her and she will fall asleep on your shoulder. It is so cute. She does it with Daddy at night after story and song fairly often.

Her separation anxiety hasn't been too bad. She sometimes cries or fusses when I drop her off at church, but other times she is just fine.

She is a very laid back, good-natured baby. She is sweet and fun and is generally in a good mood. She loves for you to play peekaboo or surprise her or "get" her. She smiles so big. She has the cutest laugh and I just can't hear enough of it. I thank God all the time for her.

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Fiona aka DRMama said...

What a beauty!! :) Gotta love the army crawl. Sounds like she is such a good baby. Wow.. She is getting so big in these photo series!!